Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App

mobile app business

Mobile phones have become of increasing importance to the everyday life of many people. We research, contact, play, make phone calls and buy products more often on our mobile phones. The smartphone market is booming and with it, so is the app industry.

To keep up with the mobile needs of their customers and employees, many companies are increasingly turning to small applications that pave the way for everyday business. These so-called business apps bring many advantages, but they can also become a stumbling block if the planning of the app was not sufficiently worked out.

Why have a customized app?

An app is a focused, small software that runs on mobile devices (smartphones & tablets) as well as a desktop app or web app on laptops and desktops. An app designed specifically for customers gives a business a modern, progressive image. Communicating with customers will be more effective, which will strengthen loyalty and ultimately increase the business’ chances of gaining new customers. Sending newsletters and offers to customers via the app not only saves time, but also eliminates shipping and printing costs.

For an app to meet the needs of a business, it must be tailored to the company’s exact needs, and development costs should be incurred accordingly. Developing an app initially costs money. In the long term, however, well-used apps are worthwhile investments that can benefit your business in the long-term.

Things to consider when designing an app

The most important thing when designing an app – whether it be for customers or employees – is that it is well thought out and that every likely scenario is considered.As most apps require an internet connection, when there is no connection to the Internet, unfortunately, means in most cases, the app cannot be used. So data must be transferred, loaded on the server and retrieved from it.

Even without an internet connection, your employees or customers must still be able to use the app for reading downloaded content, entering data, or retrieving stored data. The entered data will be automatically updated as soon as the internet connection is restored.

This is why it is essential to seek a company that offers app optimization services, to ensure your app is designed correctly.

Benefits of having a business app

When designed correctly, an app can make functions, tasks, and processes more straightforward and more automated. This gives the user a positive experience and helps them avoid feelings of frustration. Benefits can be generated for the company itself as well as for the customer, depending on who the app is provided for. Here are six key benefits of having a business app.

1. Direct accessibility

Whether with advertising or news about your company, smartphone users can usually be reached faster via an app than via other channels. Product and service offers can be placed on the mobile displays of your customers and prospective buyers. And since most people now always carry their mobile with them, businesses can reach their customers virtually immediately and everywhere.

2. Customer loyalty

More and more people only buy online and they use their smartphone for that. A business can keep these customers by offering services using an app. Buyers who download an app are ready to take action. So, a business can directly include their app users and, for example, use the app to promote special offers for orders. With an app, customers can always conveniently buy from their mobile phone or make appointments. They do not have to look on the browser of their smartphone for the company’s website but will have all the offers and news always ready at the touch of a finger.

3. Branding

The app icon with a company logo on the smartphone’s screen reminds a customer of a business every time they use their phone. So, the brand consolidates in the awareness and subconscious of customers. In addition, installed apps will be the first to appear directly in a search, thus reminding customers of their brand.

4. New customer acquisition

The modern customer likes to search spontaneously with their smartphone on the road and from home for companies and services in the area. Company websites are often not designed for viewing on smartphones. Poor presentation and long loading times lead to frustration and emigration to the competition among the potential new customers. Do not give away this valuable potential for new customer acquisition.

With an app that also acts as a mobile website, businesses can reach new customers with various offers quickly and easily. Because without unnecessary download or password input, the searcher reaches the integrated smart routing directly to their app, which is optimally designed for viewing in the smartphone.

5. Save precious time

Time is money! Every entrepreneur knows that this is not just a phrase. An app saves both the business and their customers time. Order processes, appointments, and shipping confirmations run automatically, while vouchers and news are sent with just a few clicks. The customer does not have to stick to office hours or opening hours, and can also order anytime.

6. To gain a competitive advantage

The competition is not sleeping! Having an app can give a business a competitive advantage. If the competitors do not have an app yet, a business that launches an app on the market now can get a lot of attention for their work. So it’s possible to focus outside communications on being the only provider offering this service app.

If there are competitors already offering apps, examining the competitor’s app user reviews an be helpful. Users often leave comments that can help a business design a better app.


Apps are a new and essential communication channel that is about to overtake the previous communication channels such as telephone or e-mail. Within a company, business apps not only optimize processes but also increase sales. Field staff can better prepare for customers, edit documents on the go, and retrieve company data quickly and easily.

An app should therefore always be an extension of a company, its products, services, and personality. When creating a corporate app, businesses need to think about what information the app should contain, and which service enriches the buying experience of the customers.