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Why you need one of our SEO Packages

SEO is about driving traffic to your site, giving you visibility and potential sales. For this reason, quality search engine optimisation is essential. Our digital marketing experts are skilled in keyword research, website audits, local SEO and link building. Each of these areas of SEO improve the relevancy and authority of your website. By ensuring you fully optimise your site you put yourself above your competitors and boost your sales.

Our SEO packages offer an obvious return on your investment. If you are not ranked on the first page of results and realistically in the top three listed sites, you are not going to get visitors. By investing in optimization, you will gain the traffic, the potential leads and ultimately conversions.

The requirements of the search engine algorithms change and adapt to the practices of website developers. Search engines are trying to serve the user and present the best content for the search. If over-optimisation prevents the appropriate sites appearing in searches, then this prevents sites like Google and Bing being as successful. This means they update the algorithm to prevent mis-use. This means you need an expert digital marketer who understands the changes and can help you avoid potential penalties.

Our SEO packages include the following services:

  • On-page SEO: this is the business of optimizing individual web pages so that they rank higher and gain more traffic from search engines. It is about optimising the content and the HTML source code of a page.
  • Off-page SEO: this refers to links and other external signals. It is essentially everything that doesn’t happen directly on the page.
  • Technical SEO: This is about helping search engines crawl the site and index the content. It is about making sure your site is fast – as the time-to-first-byte links to the rankings your site receives.
  • Local SEO: Making sure your site shows up in relevant searches when the user clicks “use current location” – making use of location algorithms that put your business in the user’s mind when they are close to your business.
  • App SEO: with the growing importance of the mobile phone it is important that your app is discovered in the app store.
  • Infographic production: Getting quality links requires quality content. With impressive infographics you can attract shares and links to your website, increasing your authority.

Each SEO package begins with an audit of your online presence.

By opting for one of our SEO packages you will increase your chances of achieving your KPI. With hundreds of hours of support from digital marketing experts, you will quickly see the improvement in the performance of your website. Your ranking on Google will rise and you will begin to see how quality content is shared. We can work to customise these SEO packages, something which can be discussed as part of your initial consultation.

SEO Package 1: 100 hours of support per month

SEO Package 1 is our most basic package. You will enjoy support from experts with on-page SEO, off-page SEO and technical SEO. This will increase the ranking of your site with improved relevancy and authority. This package will cost you $10k per month but will help you achieve your KPI because users will visit your site and with quality technical SEO will navigate through your pages and convert.

This package is perfect for those who want their website audited and rebuilt to make the most of search engine algorithms. If your site is performing poorly, then this is the first step to improving its performance. Our experts will use the time to make the most of the content and structure of your site and make sure that links are pointing at your site. With a per month allocation of hours, you will make steady progress to the performance you want from your online presence.

If you are interested, in our basic SEO package, contact us today to enjoy your free SEO consultation.

SEO Package 2: 200 hours of support per month

SEO Package 2 is an intermediary package that does all that you would receive in Package 1 but with the addition of local SEO and App SEO. This is a much more coherent strategy for improving your online digital marketing. Local SEO is essential for those companies that have bricks and mortar centres that they want customers to visit. You want your individual branches to appear in searches and with maps showing the route to your company. And with mobile phones dominating people’s use of the internet, it is important that your app is found and used.

With 200 hours of quality expert digital marketing guidance you will pay $20k. With the importance of mobile use and the influence of locality, this would offer excellent ROI.

To enjoy a free SEO consultation and to learn about SEO Package 2, contact us today.

SEO Package 3: 250 hours of support per month

SEO Package 3 is our most comprehensive package and offers a substantial amount of expert support and guidance each month. The progress of your website will accelerate, and you will enjoy local SEO and app SEO too. You can expect a rapid ROI with this package, as your online presence will be quickly optimised, and you will enjoy much greater visibility.

With the addition of quality infographic production, you will be impressed by the quality of service for the cost of $30k.

Our most comprehensive SEO package begins with a free SEO consultation, where your digital marketing experts will show you how they can help you. Contact us today to learn all about SEO Package 3.

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