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Press Release Distribution

What is press release distribution?

Many people argue with the age of the internet that the press release is dead and gone. Yet, nothing could be further from the truth. There are thousands of journalists around the country desperate for stories to fill up columns each day. In the age of the internet and 24-hour news, this is even more of a pressure.

Therefore, a great press release distribution service will have contacts with news outlets and journalists around the country and the world who would be interest in your public relations releases. Press release services will distribute your marketing releases to trade journals, magazines, blogs, podcasts and others who cover your industry. The press release helps tells your story and our distribution service makes sure it is read.

If you are interested in learning more about press release distribution, contact 2o.com today.

Why is press release distribution important to you?

You cannot get publicity unless your story is heard. You need people to write about your successes and your future goals and the people likely to do this are trade journalists and bloggers. But how will they know? A press release distribution service is an important service within a digital marketing agency. It is still at the heart of public relations.

The best news about press release distribution is that it is inexpensive. You need someone to write the copy of the press release and then the knowledge of where to post this or send this to get it viewed by journalists. If you compare this cost to paid advertising, there is no comparison. Press release distribution is an affordable marketing option.

The aim of a press release is to increase the visibility of your company. This is especially important for small companies and start-up businesses. If you can provide a steady stream of press releases to let your customers know who you are, what you do and why the customer needs you, then at some point it will gain the attention of a journalist. If you write great copy that shows a clear vision for your sector, you can even position yourself as a thought leader for your industry. This position as an expert will make you a desirable contact for journalists who may need a comment. This expertise can help you gain trust from your customers.

More than 80 million people gather the news online. This means that you can feed this online news yourself and gain yourself new customers from this huge pot of people around the world interested in your company. The customer won’t read your press release as advertising, if written well, and this is a reason to hire a great copywriter and a press release distribution service.

It is also important to distribute your press releases effectively because your future investors will also keep up with the news. Before investing they are likely to research your business. If you have a body of press releases and mentions in the news, you are more likely to get that additional funding that is so important to your future prosperity.

If you are interested in press release distribution, contact 2o.com to learn how we can help.

How can we help you?

A press release distribution service will help you target and monitor the best outlets for your news. They will provide marketing solutions that will help connect you to your target audience across the globe. Writing and publishing a press release on your website is no guarantee that it will get read. It may add to the quality and relevancy of your SEO, but it won’t get that all important mention in trade magazines and online sites that your customer will read. A digital marketing agency can give you access to the attention of the journalists who need topics to write about.

Our press release distribution service will send your release to different locations or just post it on a single website that journalists visit. You can choose to send your press release to newspapers, magazines and more or we can place it on a press release distribution website that journalists search, commonly known as a newswire service. A well-organised newswire service will help journalists cut through the press releases that relate to the news of the day. You need a press release distribution service to make sure your press release is easily connected with the news of the day.

We can also help you to use your press release service to get the accurate facts out about your company. Journalists use press releases as a source for the public details about a company.

Ultimately, you need a press release distribution service because you need the knowledge of how to get the story into the hands of the right journalist. You need it to be in the hands of the writer who is most likely going to take an interest.

If you are interested in our press release distribution service, contact us today.

Your next step

To make the most of trade magazines, websites, newspapers and the general media, you need to get your news out into the hands of the journalists. You need a digital marketing agency who knows where to place your press release and how to present it so that it appears relevant as news. This is a skilled exercise and one that needs the expertise of marketing professionals.

To make the most of press releases and the unlimited potential for shared news, you need a press release distribution service. Contact 2o.com today to see how we can get your story heard.

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