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Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is the process of gaining traffic to website through social media. This might mean that your customers will click through to your website using advertising on social media. It might also mean raising the profile of your site because of the attention you are gaining.

Social Media is a term that covers a lot of different interactions on the internet. It could mean sharing a short message on Twitter or longer posts on Facebook, with the option for shares, photos, events and advertising campaigns.

Social Media Marketing is the premium route to raising brand awareness. A successful social media campaign can go to where you customers are looking to find you and want to interact with your company. The management of Social Media Marketing is a lot more complex than businesses realise. It requires a coordinated strategy that keeps the attention of your audience and keeps your brand in the mind of the customer – positively.

How does Social Media Marketing work?

Social Media Marketing works mostly because of the sheer numbers involved. Facebook has over 2 billion active users, for instance. This global audience likely includes the majority of your customer base.

As your digital marketing expert, our first role would be to use social media to increase your brand recognition. Social Media builds visibility, and nothing is more valuable. It is a means of making you more accessible to new customers and make you more recognizable by your current customers. A customer is interested but slow to react will be prompted to convert to a sale by the constant prompting of posts and tweets.

As your customers are aware of your brand and are open to listening to your output on social media, the loyalty of your customers increases. The certain way to ensure future revenue is to develop lifelong customer loyalty. Social media gives you the connection to your audience that will help to keep them coming back again and again to your brand. The better quality your content the more authority you will have with your customer. You could even become the person the customer seeks out to find out about your sector. The more shares, the more people talk about your content, the more you will be the go to brand in your industry.

Keeping it simple, however, social media increases the chance for your audience to convert into a customer. You have more opportunity to interact through new content, meaning your customer has more chance to be sold on your product or service. Through the sheer number of interactions, your click-through rate could be low and still it would have a significant impact on your sales.

Social Media works to increase inbound traffic to your site. It can also increase your SEO by providing links. There are a lot of ways social media can work to help you. If you are interested contact 2o.com today.

Why Social Media Marketing is important to your business?

The most important reason you need Social Media Marketing is because all your competitors have a presence on social media. Without social media marketing you could appear irrelevant and anonymous.

It is a certain way to increase traffic and therefore potential leads. Once you have new customers to your site you can use other marketing strategies to convert to a sale. You need social media to increase your visibility to get your customers to your site in the first place. It is the most cost-effective means of marketing that returns the most impact. With a small investment in money and effort you can have disproportionally impressive gains.

A lot of what you do on social media can be done for free. Even the paid for advertising is relatively cheap on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. There is little chance of your marketing budget running over. With the help of our expert digital marketing professionals we can make this small investment pay out in increased revenue.

If you are interested to use social media to increase the visibility of your business, contact us to learn more.

How we can help

Our social media marketing experts will help you make the most of your online presence. We know that the sooner you start your social media marketing the sooner you will gain from the improved relationship with your followers. Your audience will grow because these followers will tell their friends and word of mouth will grow your popularity.

This growth in audience only happens with regular posts and with high quality content. This can be complex and time consuming but with the help of our social media professionals you can make the most of this important resource.

We can help you understand your audience and then aim content to your audience. You need to know which social media platform they are likely to visit and what content they will react to. Urban women enjoy Instagram, middle aged men are attracted to LinkedIn. With the help of our social media marketing experts, we can make the most of your online presence.

Social media platforms also help you gain a better knowledge of your audience. The improved insights, by listening to the comments and interactions and by seeing who clicks and who watches, can help you provide even better content. Our social media marketers will use their expertise to produce the right material, place it on the right media platform and guide it to the most appropriate target audience.

If you are interested in learning how 2o.com can maximise the potential of social media marketing, contact us today.

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