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Affiliate Tracking Software

The affiliate tracking platform for successful marketing

Our affiliate tracking platform brings together our clients and our content producers to help promote your products and services. Our platform acts as a broker. Those offering affiliate content offer their services and we match them with the appropriate client for the best outcome.

The use of our affiliate tracking platform will manage the rewards and compensation given to an affiliate marketer who successfully drives customers to your website. It tracks the performance of content based on clicks, confirmation of page views, impressions on an ad banner and more. It then pays the commission to the marketer for the work done.

There are number of different ways to track the success of the affiliate using our platform. You can choose cost per click (CPC) cost per acquisition (CPA) cost per impression (CPI) cost per sale (CPS) and cost per install (CPI). The dashboard consolidates all the data from affiliates and demonstrates how traffic is being driven to your site.

Interested in how our affiliate marketing platform could work for you? Contact us today to learn more about our affiliate marketing platform.

High performance affiliate tracking software

This affiliate tracking software is an easy-to-use and reliable tool for growing your business and making you money. It will help you rank higher and therefore boost your traffic, helping you earn more money.

With affiliates constantly promoting your products and services, you will find your SEO ranking improve dramatically. It works simply. The affiliate shares a referral link or adds your banner to their site. The customer clicks on the link or the banner and is redirected to your sire. The customer makes a purchase and then you pay your affiliate a commission, so they will keep promoting your products and services. It is a simple system but made sweeter by the increased number of links to your page.

The great news for your affiliates is that if the buyer is attracted by the content they produce but goes away before buying, they will still be credited as long as the cookie remains on the user’s computer. This affiliate tracking software is clever stuff!

Why is this such a great deal for your business? Imagine the power of word of mouth recommendation being put to work for you. It is risk-free advertising as it pays on results – therefore, your marketing budget will not get destroyed. It is a way of getting your brand out into the digital world. If the content produced by your affiliate is particularly good – it could even be shared and enjoyed wide and far with minimal effort from your business.

If you are interested in risk-free promotion, contact us today for more information about our affiliate tracking software.

Drive traffic with active promotion

Sorting out your affiliates is easy to set up and take minutes of your time. Once started the program will track referrals and offer real-time referrals. You can have an unlimited number of affiliates actively promoting your website – and what better way to assist them than to provide a promotion to advertise. You can offer graphics and coupons that drive the promotions your affiliates offer.

You can actively influence the materials your affiliates produce and manage what is said about you. The point for the affiliate is to drive the user to your site, so it is in both parties’ interest for your product and service to be represented positively. By providing graphics and ad banners, you can help your affiliates and encourage greater success for the partnership.

If you want to learn how to actively promote your website, contact us today for more information about our affiliate tracking platform.

Use commissions to boost your campaigns

Your affiliates will be able to generate a referral link to your site and can choose between a flat-rate and a percentage referral rate. This can be on a global, per-affiliate, and per product basis.

The aim of an affiliate program is to increase your visibility and with higher visibility comes more traffic and from there more converted customers. This means that there is a direct return for your business on any money that is paid to affiliates and without the referral to your site there is no cost. It is the perfect example of a return on investment.

Our affiliates tracking platform can help you keep a handle on your marketing budget and keep you in control.

Want to keep control of your marketing? Contact us today to hear how we can help.

Track the impact of your affiliates

You will easily be able to work out which affiliates are working with you using our affiliate tracking platform. It can generate tracking codes that tell you where the referral has come from. It can tell you the time and location of the impression, click, lead and sale gathered using user cookies that are sent back from the advertisers’ server. It will help you maximise your click through ratio by giving you the insight to know who is working well for you.

We offer a reliable and efficient service for your affiliates. This means that the marketers will feel confidence that it is worth working with you. They will be able to see what impression their work is having using the tracker, which means they will have an increased level of commitment to improving your visibility.

The easy to use dashboard is the greatest benefit of the affiliates tracking software. You will have an overview of all the work being done on your behalf and keep a handle on the budget. You will learn what is working and make the most of these successes.

Contact us today to learn how we can help track your successes with our affiliate tracking software.

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