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SEO Services

How SEO services work

An SEO service will design a strategy to increase your company’s online visibility within the algorithm used by search engines such as Google. It is a way of promoting your website’s ranking using natural, organic and free search results. By appearing high in the rankings, it increases your visibility and so delivers high quality, targeted traffic to your website.

Our Search Engine Optimisation services will help with the design and content of your website so that it becomes more visible to Google. With the use of keywords and phrases that are relevant to your product or service you can appear on the first page of search results. This is known as the organic growth of traffic.

What SEO can do for you

There are lots of benefits to a strong SEO service. First and most important is SEO will increase traffic to your site because of your improved rankings. This means you will enjoy more leads and therefore the potential for more conversions – or sales. The increased exposure will increase the awareness of your brand and give it credibility.

As an SEO agency we employ experts in different areas of SEO. The tasks they will undertake include an audit of your site, design a SEO strategy and then implement these tactics. These tactics include keyword and phrases optimisation. This means increasing the relevancy of your site by making sure the words and phrases typed in search engines appear in your site. However, there is now local optimisation. What this means is that people who search in an area close to you will find you, if it is clear in your site where you are located. This means including a location on your site and repeating this, so it is picked up by the algorithm.

SEO is also about enticing people to click on your banners and ads that redirect them to your site. The more redirections your site enjoys the greater authority your site enjoys. The same is true of referrals and back links, where affiliates or third-party sites link to your website.

You can also increase the relevancy of your content by placing problem-solving content on your landing pages. This way you can improve the hierarchy of your site. For instance, if you are a furniture company, it is a great idea to position content about maintaining and improving the look of furniture on your most important e-commerce pages. Your SEO expert will also know where to place this information on your key conversion pages so that it does not get in the way of your best sales text.

Why SEO services are so important

There are positive reasons why employing an SEO service is important. Increased traffic, greater visibility, more sales. However, a fact of life in today’s digital world is the danger of penalties. Search Engine penalties will relegate your site so far down the search engine lists that you essentially disappear. This means that you need to make sure backlinks are natural and genuine. You need to make sure that duplicate content is removed, and that content appears natural and organic. Keyword stuffing is a primary cause of penalties.

The most important reason to hire SEO services is so that they can work on a redesign of your site and ensure that content and back-end meta-data is used effectively. It is likely they will start by removing all your old content – including your blogs and new articles. This way they can make sure new content does not create duplicate content. It can also mean that some of the content can be relaunched and given a higher status with more optimisation.

SEO services are also important for improving the user experience of your site. The professionals in our digital marketing agency will use data to understand how to deliver end results for your website. They will design an effective route through your website to help ensure conversion.

How can we help

As a digital marketing agency, we see SEO services as central to the success of our clients’ online campaign. We believe it is the means by which you increase click-through rates, especially where users are targeted effectively with refined advertising intent.

We also believe that SEO services should work on improving website content and pitching. Our hope is to encourage the social sharing of your content and therefore user engagement. This will help boost ranking scores and quality score improvements. We will work to make better use of landing pages and make sure these offer the route to converting leads into sales.

One of the most important SEO activities is making sure the site contains the most relevant keywords that target your market. This requires constant reflection and insight into analytics. We will test and experiment to make sure your site is working harder for you. Ultimately, our SEO services will help speed up the user buying cycle and so increase your sales.

Your next step

You need to hire an SEO service because Google and other search engines are constantly updating the algorithms used to judge the relevancy and authority of your site. Updates can change the relevance of certain strategies and put increased importance on others. Location SEO has become important recently, as has a focus on topics rather than keywords. By hiring a SEO service, you will ensure that your site continues to rank highly throughout all the changes.

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