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Local SEO Services

What are local SEO services?

With the significant rise in smart phone usage, it is more important that ever to use local SEO to increase your connectedness with your customers when they are near your store. There are a lot of overlaps with the work you do to generate organic SEO traffic, however local SEO is different.

The point of local SEO services s to make results even more relevant to the searcher based on the current location. Imagine you are walking through a major city and you want to know the best place to get a burger. You would type into Google or other search engine: best burger place and then you would agree to use the “based on current location” option. This would mean that all the results in the search engine would display those burger restaurants closest to the searcher.

Most people searching on a mobile device are looking for local information – some put this close to 95% of all searches. Google in an aim to improve its service and provide the most relevant information factored this into its algorithm. This means that the primary concern of Local SEO services is to make you appear highest in these local services.

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Why do you need local SEO?

Local SEO is a means of keeping up to date with the demands of the search engine algorithms. You need to stay up-to-date with your most direct competitors. It could do great harm to your business if your competitor is listed in a location search and you are not. 50% of all your consumers will use smartphones. 95% of these mobile phone searchers will go somewhere else if you do not make the most of local SEO.

It is complex, making the most of local SEO. It is more than a matter of keywords and phrases and the use of links. This makes it more important to hire the services of a quality local SEO digital marketing agency.

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How does local SEO services work?

There are a few ways that you can make your website more local friendly. The first is to get your site on Google Places for Business. This is a page where you can set up information about your opening hours, your address and your contact details. You should really hire someone to make sure your entire profile is complete, as this is what will be displayed in a location search. You need a specialist who can enter the best terms in the category information – which will help Google signal when your business is most relevant. This will mean that your company will also be displayed on a map and your consumer will have the option to get directions right to your door.

Once you have done this you need to link your Google Places page to your Google+ Local page. This is where your consumer can interact with you more directly. They can provide reviews and information, including images and videos. Google+ Local dominate searches so much that your consumer would have to click on another page to find someone else.

This is where traditional SEO overlaps with local SEO. When setting up your Google+ Local page you need to use keywords and phrases that your customers would use to find you. This takes research by an expert to ensure these are the best words and phrases and they are used in the right ratio. This means small choices make a big difference, like remembering to mention the type of business such as “restaurant” and the right category, such as “burger”.

With the expert help of our professionals we can also include Schema markup, these are rich media content in your listing. This would be the difference between a plain text listing and a listing with a picture of a luscious cheese burger.

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How can we help?

2o.com offers expert help in local SEO. We can make sure your profile is complete and that your listing includes rich media and that you are at the top of the listings. We do simple but important things like ensuring your name address and phone number appears in the accepted format and that there are citations from relevant and authoritative websites to provide more value.

You Local SEO ranking is impacted most by reviews. It is the arguably more important than links in organic SEO. Therefore, part of our work will be encouraging your customers to leave opinions to increase your chance of success. You will need to do the work to make sure these reviews are positive – of course.

We will also make sure that there are listings for each of your branch locations. This is something that can be easily overlooked – especially if you are a company with a national presence. Therefore, making each of your branches visible is easily forgotten. You can even optimise pages on your website to make them more local to your branches.

There are lots of small details we can also help with. we can help embed your map on your contacts page and so improve your ranking. We can make sure we include your address in the footer of your website – again – increasing your ranking.

If you are interested in the many small ways 2o.com can help your with local SEO, contact us today.

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