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Email Marketing Services

What do email marketing services include?

Email marketing has experienced something of a resurgence recently. There was a time when companies were reluctant to engage in emails because of the intrusion into the customers inbox was seen as SPAM. However, with open rates for email campaigns over 20%, businesses are starting to see the benefit of emailing. With a list of subscribers who have opted into your messages, you have a cheap and effective means of engaging your customers.

An email marketing service will move you away from mass messaging that appears too regularly in the customers inbox. Instead, experts will devise a sales template that responds to the actions of your customers. A skilled email marketer will provide highly targeted and personalised content focused on the needs of the audience based on their interactions with your company.

An email marketing service will track the impact of your emails and trace how customers react to the content. This use of metrics will help make your marketing campaign even more successful.

Why is it important to your business?

A good email marketing service can make your business appear caring and relevant. If you respond to the actions of the consumer, you will send a message to their inbox at exactly the time they need information to make a purchase. A good email marketing campaign can guide a customer through the whole buying funnel from awareness to conversion. It will provide calls to action to show the customer why they should make the next move towards conversion. This might be a message with a promotion or a price cut, or it could be a link to a testimonial revealing why someone else made that final push to purchase.

Without an email marketing campaign, you will appear uninterested and distant from the needs of your customer. If you use a marketing expert, you can walk the fine line between being intrusive and being welcomed. It is all about the message and it is all about timing.

A successful email marketing service will be welcomed by your customers. Unlike indiscriminate bulk messaging, a targeted campaign can put a message in the customers inbox right at the point that they wanted information.

How we can help

The first way an email marketing specialist can help is in the creation of a list of subscribers. There is no point in developing a series of email templates if there is no one agreeing to receive the messages. Therefore, your digital marketer will set up a series of incentives to encourage your customers to enter their email address and agree to receive messages from you. There are a wealth of tools available to your marketer to entice your customer into a relationship with your company. We will aim to encourage people to be interested in your brand and then use this interest to increase the loyalty of the customer.

Your email marketing expert can also provide a series of email templates that are bespoke to your business and the stage in the buying journey your customer has shown themselves to be. With automation of emails you can release a certain message based on interaction with your website. If you customer shows an interest in a certain product and stays for more than 30 seconds, then an email can be sent about that product. If the product is placed in the trolley but then abandoned, a separate email can be sent pushing the customer along towards conversion.

This email template can be versatile and editable, so you can adapt it to the needs of your business and your customers. The email content we provide will be designed to speak directly to your customer, with appropriate subjects and calls to action that will help your customer understand what they can do next. The emails can send incentives and promotions, which will prompt action.

To make your email marketing services most effective we will work wit you to segment your subscription list. This way you can send appropriate messages to the different parts of your customer-base, maximising its impact. Bulk emails can still be effective if the sending and management of these messages are skilfully handled.

Part of this email marketing service is testing. You need an expert who is able to analyse the metrics and work out what schemes are yielding the best conversion rates. It is about assessing the small details – like the quality of the subject, whether the colour scheme works, where the messages and calls to action are reaping results. A skill email marketing service will offer insight into what is working and what isn’t and then adapt to build greater success. You will understand the quality of our work based on the reporting we provide.

Your next steps

To gain the most from an email marketing campaign you need a service that understands how to attract subscribers and then when to send messages to these customers. You need an expert that understands the type of message that should be sent and at one point. A great email marketing service will be able to automate the release of these emails to the exact point where your customer is receptive to receiving a message from you.

If you are interested in learning more about our email marketing services, contact 2o.com today. We can work with you to design the best email sales templates and show you when to release these to the subscribers we help you attract. A great email marketing service can bring over 2000% ROI. Contact us if you would like to know more.

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