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App Store Optimization

What is App Store Optimization?

Some facts for you. There are nearly 5 billion mobile phone users in the world. 50% of mobile users do most of their shopping in mobile apps. There are more than 2 million mobile apps in major app stores.

The numbers are huge, as is the potential for success. But, how do you avoid falling into obscurity?

ASO or App Store Optimization is the process of getting your mobile app ranked high in searches in app stores. The higher you are in the lists the more visible you are to your audience. The more visible you are the more traffic you achieve. App Store Optimization is often overlooked but is increasingly important to the success of companies.

Your business may have taken the step to develop an app. If you have, it is now time to invest in optimization so that your app is found.

Our expert digital marketing professionals understand the algorithm that ranks apps, whether it is iOS or Android. We understand the various methods that boost your audience for your mobile business presence.

ASO requires a detailed understanding of your audience if you are to guide them to your app. This includes understanding the potential keywords they would use to search for your app and making sure these can be used in your reviews and your descriptions.

Interested in learning more about ASO, contact our digital marketing professionals today.

How can ASO help you?

More than 60% of apps are found through store searches. This means increasing the visibility of your app through app store optimization is crucial, as a store search engine is the largest channel for getting your app downloaded.

The good news for you is that the vast majority of developers are not investing in ASO. This means you can become among the first to employ app store optimisation and leap places in the rankings. It could provide the most meaningful return on your marketing investment, with so many now shopping and browsing in company apps.

The methods employed to rank your app include looking carefully at the title of your app. The keyword in the title should be the one that is most heavily searched by your users. This means researching what your audience search for and then editing your title. It is important to get this title right from the beginning. Word of mouth and reviews are crucial in app downloads.

You can then further improve your ranking using keywords in your app description and it is helpful to monitor the performance of competitors to see if their app is performing better on different keywords. You can improve your discoverability with app screenshots and app videos. Understanding the store guidelines for these videos and images can improve your ranking, as Google particularly reflect the professionalism of presentation of the app search result in their algorithm.

Other factors that are harder to optimize include the number of downloads and the ratings and reviews of your users. Prompting happy users to give reviews is the most important in boosting your ranking.

Why is ASO important for your business?

App Store Optimisation is important to your business because it is how your customers are choosing to search and interact with you now. Mobile users spend 90% of their time on their phones searching through apps. It is likely that the move to smart phones and tablet use and away from traditional internet searches is only going to increase. This means getting your app noticed could be the single factor to ensure your growth.

However, app discovery is a challenge. Most search for apps in Google playstore and iTunes. Hardly any searched in a traditional desktop app or clicked on an ad to find the app of choice. Although some users claim word of mouth influenced the decision to look for the app, they still searched for the app in a store.

ASO can have dramatic impacts on your downloads and therefore increasing your revenue. By optimizing you not only make your app visible but you also reach your target user. With this you achieve higher engagement and potentially higher installations. With more downloads you increase your ranking even more and your success cycles up.

If you are interested in learning more about ASO methods, contact 2o.com today.

How can we help?

App store optimization takes time and requires constant analysis of metrics and adaptations of titles and descriptions to maximise ranking. Any changes to your optimization can be done easily, such is the ease of listing apps on stores. What isn’t easy is balancing this optimization with the need to keep word of mouth sharing of your app and its functionality.

Our expert digital marketing professionals will be able to guide you through the listing of your app. We will keep up-to-date in all the changes to algorithms and maximise this understanding for the benefit of our clients. It is a new and emerging trend that is going to dominate the future revenue success of companies, so getting in at the start is a huge advantage.

Why spend thousands on the development of an app if it is to fall into obscurity? If your app is struggling to get found by your market, contact us today to learn how we can help. We can guide you to understand your target market, understand the language they would use to find the app and then optimize the title, description and more.

Contact us today if you are interested in learning about App Store Optimization.

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