Top 9 Twitter Marketing Tools

top twitter marketing

Twitter is one of the best social networking platforms in the world today. With over three hundred million active monthly users, it is not surprising that many brands and business are looking for ways to get in on the populated social networking website by positioning their brands or businesses in the best way to increase engagement and brand visibility that will lead to reasonable conversions, leads or sales.

There are quite a number of free or paid Twitter marketing tools that these brands or businesses can take advantage of. In fact, their numbers can be a little bit overwhelming especially if you are new to Twitter marketing. However with the help of a reputable social media marketing agency, the right Twitter marketing tools can be place for better conversions.

We have streamlined these tools to top 9 based on the unique features they offer. Take a look at them to carefully determine which would be most effective for your marketing goals.

1. Tweroid

Tweroid is one of the best and smartest tools to use for Twitter marketing. It suggests the best timing for brands and businesses to push out their content. This is very helpful when trying to know the appropriate time and day of the week that the brand or business would get the most engagement on the content they wish to push out to their followers. It analyzes the brands or business’ tweets as well as that of the followers to determine the best period to engage their target audience.

2. Tweepi

Tweepi is also a very good Twitter marketing tool. It allows brands and businesses to build genuine followership and creatively engage them with the power of artificial intelligence. One of the amazing features of Tweepi is that brands or businesses can use it to find active Twitter users that are relevant to their brand and engage them which in turn increases brand visibility. It also helps with keeping the user’s profile as engaging as it should be to improve the Twitter growth of the brand or business. It can help them save time on Twitter and focus more on relevant followers who are likely to be interested in their tweets.

3. is a simple and easy to use marketing tool for Twitter. Businesses and brands can track important activities, relevant to their marketing goals, like those using their branded hashtags, mentions, clicks on links shared. Using allows users to schedule tweets and retweets, automate creative direct messages to new followers as well as replies. It is one of the best tools that help brands and businesses keep track all Twitter engagement notifications and respond timely which can help them grow genuine followership over a short period of time.

4. Buffer

Just like Hootsuite, Buffer allows users to schedule posts for Twitter while giving a detailed analysis of the performance of each published post. It is also a favorite tool for Twitter marketing by many. It also gives users the option to use it as a team where they can assign tasks to each other and monitor activities of each member of the team. For digital marketing agencies managing multiple Twitter accounts, Buffer is one of the best tools for effective and efficient management while building followership and online influence.

5. Hootsuite

Hootsuite has been sworn to be the Holy Grail for most digital marketers. For brands and businesses seeking to improve engagement by keeping track of conversations on Twitter, and replying to comments and mentions, Hootsuite works wonders.

Using Hootsuite also gives users insight about the performance of every action carried out on the social networking platform like getting real-time data about the different Twitter metrics along with well-detailed reports that can be compared to the previous performance report to know if the brand or business is performing better on Twitter or not. If a business or brand is working with a team of marketing experts they all can pitch in easily and assign roles to themselves using Hootsuite. It makes it easier to work together as a team.

6. Bluenod

Bluenod is another great Twitter marketing tool. One of the unique features of this marketing tool is that it helps brands and businesses focus on building a Twitter community and engaging existing Twitter communities to the advantage of the brand or business.

With Bluenod, users can have a visual insight into what their community is like, connect with relevant Twitter users to grow the community (like influencers), create engaging content relevant to members of the Twitter community, and create campaigns that would drive the desired goals of the marketing campaign. Users can also make use of Bluenod to find keywords relevant to the industry of the brand or business as well as build genuine Twitter lists.

7. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is one of the best and most affordable Twitter management tools. It offers users well-detailed insight about the various Twitter metrics relevant to their marketing goals, giving users the needed leverage to maximize such insights to create an engaging Twitter profile.

Agorapulse also makes it easier to create and schedule Twitter posts, monitor and respond to Twitter mentions and replies which helps brands and businesses engage better with their followers and other Twitter users. Marketers and digital marketing agencies can also use it to carry out and monitor all active Twitter campaign effectively to calculate returns on marketing investments.

8. is one of the amazing tools that brands and businesses that want to can take advantage of sharing engaging content. It allows users to create a newspaper-like chain of tweets using their own tweets or other people’s tweet.

9. Audiense

Audiense allows users to segment the kind of audiences following a Twitter profile based on interest and demographics, allowing brands and business to track possible leads relevant to them. Also with this, they can create content relevant to the segmented audience who helps with increasing Twitter engagement. It also allows users to manage multiple Twitter accounts in one place conveniently. For brands or businesses looking to maximize their DMs (direct messages), they can use it to create and manage marketing campaigns through Twitter DMs.