Effective Online Marketing Tips and Tricks

online marketing tips tricks

A clear, well thought-out and long-term digital marketing strategies should be the backbone of any online marketing activity. The clearer your goals are formulated, the easier it is for you to derive the necessary steps to achieve them. Once your goals are set, you can then set your priorities. However, if they are all done at once, you will not be able to implement them.

To create an Internet marketing strategy that helps you to keep track of and reach your intended goals here are some tips.

Keep an eye on your competitors

Take a look at your biggest competitors. It makes sense to pay special attention to companies and competitors that are more successful than you at the present time. See what the competition uses for online marketing and adapt it to your business. Learn from the best because what works for your competitors will work for you too. Ideally, you will continue to improve these measures over time.

Choose the right social media platforms

Better to be well present on a social media platform than unnecessarily active on all social media platforms. Instead of being on the go and being less active on all platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., you are better off choosing one social media platform and become really present. Choosing the correct social media platform depends on your goals and your target audience. Each platform has its own formats, its own advantages, and disadvantages, as well as its own target group.

So ask yourself the question: On which platform are my potential customers most likely to be active? While younger people were more active on Facebook years ago, this has meanwhile changed, and there are also a large number of older users there. In contrast to Instagram. The majority of users are under 35 years old. If your target group is rather young, this is the right platform for you. Therefore, find out about the user structures of the various platforms so that you can target your target group and potential customers in a targeted manner

Also whether a platform is right for you depends on your goals. Do you want to, for example, establish as an expert or to improve customer support? Or do you want to improve your image or build a brand? These are all the questions that need be answered. Using a good digital marketing company that offers Facebook marketing services or other social media marketing services can also help answer those questions for you.

On your chosen social media platform, you can also interact with your audience and respond to inquiries and comments in a timely manner! (Ideally within 24 hours). Over time, you can gradually become more active on other platforms to become even better known.

The platforms on which your competitors are the most active can also provide information, but start with a platform that promises you the greatest success.

Post regularly interesting content

An effective online presence means, among other things, involves regularly posting relevant content. Whether on your blogs or on your social media channels, at least 3-7 posts per week are recommended. The bigger the fan base, the more often you should post.

Posted content should be business-specific. Weigh in your contributions between information and entertainment. It is important that your contributions are interesting and informative for your readership. Which contents are interesting for your target group and which contributions promise good success, you will find out if you go through your past posts and see which posts get the best response (likes, shares, comments).

If you use Twitter as a social media channel, look for old tweets that have been particularly successful. You can reuse these tweets and post again. Also, by using Google Analytics tools, you can find out which content was most popular in the past and are the most suitable for a retweet.

Use rich content

Rich content such as videos attracts the attention of followers. From the mass of posts that each user sees on their social media profiles, you want to stand out and grab the attention of your followers. Videos are the most popular on most social media platforms. Users like to interact with them.

Your videos do not have to be expensive to produce or lengthy, a good smartphone camera with a clip-on microphone is often sufficient to meet the “normal” demands of the audience.

Also, do not get too bothered by the optical quality. Concentrate on the content and what it should do to the viewer. Put a special focus on an exciting and enticing entry. The same applies to the preview image with which your video should be displayed. The better the preview image, the higher the chance of users clicking on your video.

Enter your business in online directories

If you have a local business with a location and visitors, sign up for the most important business directories. Complete the profiles in as much detail as possible, mentioning key terms that potential customers would look for. Usually, a free registration is sufficient.

You will need to make the same information regarding company name, address, phone number, URL, etc. in all business directories. But if a short text (for example, with your company presentation) is required, then you should vary this with each entry.

Enter your business in industry-specific web catalogs!

You should also subscribe to web catalogs that are only relevant for your very specific industry. Search for relevant industry books on the first two pages of the search results. Just enter a few keywords and see which yellow pages can be found on Google’s first pages.

Take a close look at your competitors and find out in which business directory these are listed. Then you also contribute to this.

Use Remarketing

Remarketing or retargeting with Google AdWords & Facebook Ads is the most effective form of paid advertising. Advertisements are purposefully played to former website visitors. For example, if Facebook users have interacted with your brand, they will see that ad.

After a potential customer has viewed (but not bought) a particular product in an online store, they will soon start getting targeted advertising in their social media networks and other web pages. However, this is only possible with a tracking pixel, which you integrate on your website or in your online shop.


The possibilities to improve your reach online are immense. Decide on the above tips for online marketing, which are particularly useful for you. Start with tip one and then move on to those that are the easiest to implement and that give you the most value. Over time, you can work your way through the list and improve bit by bit.