Why Your Facebook Marketing Strategy Is Not Working

Facebook marketing

Who is not active in any of the many social networks today? There are well over one billion Facebook users all over the globe, which includes your customers. Most likely they regularly visit Facebook and look around here regularly. This is exactly where it is important to brush up on your Facebook marketing skills – sounds very simple, but it is often not.

Although many entrepreneurs know that new prospects and customers can be gained via social networks such as Facebook, they are afraid of running any paid social media campaigns because they have failed in the past. This may be due to past campaigns not being well thought through to achieve success. That’s why we’ve put together the ten social media marketing tips below to identify what should be done correctly.

1. Everything starts with a goal

It’s not about simply being active on Facebook, but starting with a clearly defined goal, what you want to achieve here. Start off with identifying your main objectives and what you want to achieve with your Facebook ads. Set realistic goals for what you achieve here and how often you want to post (publish), because social media marketing takes time. Better less, but regular.

2. Identify your target group

Now it makes sense to clarify who your target group is. For example, if it’s a company, then Facebook may not be suitable. Linkedin will be more interesting for your social media marketing than Facebook. Depending on what you want to do and who you want to reach, select the platform correctly.

3. Focus on the social aspect

Using Facebook purely for advertising makes little sense in social media marketing. Nothing is more deadly for a social media presence than always just advertising your own products or services. If you are only looking for direct sales here, you are at the wrong address. In a social media marketing campaign, pure advertising usually does not work. You will notice that quickly.

Most members use the social networks to privately network, inform or communicate here (especially on Facebook). Therefore, it is not desirable that as a company, you use it only with advertising.

Opening a Facebook fan page only to increase your sales is more of an unrealistic goal. Instead, the focus is on building relationships with new customers and maintaining relationships with existing customers.

4. Be informative

People surf Facebook to exchange information, get interesting information, get a quick connection to a business, and get a more personal look at companies and brands. This is about the social component, trust and relationship building. For the reputation of your company, of course, from time to time you can present offers or new products, but put your focus on the added value for the user.

5. Fast communication is expected

If you choose social media marketing activities then you need to be aware: users expect quick responses and responses and regular communication. This can be, for example, that a buyer in your online shop ordered something and via Facebook to write a message that something has not worked out or gives positive feedback. Here it is good if you look at least once a week and check and answer.

6. Do not leave social media platforms alone

It makes sense not to leave your Facebook page to yourself on the net, but to link it with other channels or marketing campaigns – for example, embed it on the website or refer to it in the next newsletter, etc.

7. Social media plugins on the website are helpful.

With social media plugins on the website – for example, a Facebook Like button in the blog post, is very helpful for your readers and your virality. This allows your readers to post your content automatically on Facebook, for example, so that their friends see this.

8. Do not use automatic publishing services

We keep hearing about seemingly great tooltips that automatically publish a post for you on all social networks at once. We advise against that. Every network is different.

9. Use Rich Content

Particularly interesting for users on Facebook are, for example, pictures. They reach high viral levels – that is, they are so often liked, commented or shared.

10. Choose the right way to deal with criticism

In the social media, dealing with criticism is not always easy. The more present you get, the sooner you have to deal with it, of course. Sometimes it is honest feedback from a customer or visitor that really helps you to optimize your business. Thank you very much for that!

But sometimes – just in the net – there are simply comments and criticisms that are not very factual, rude and unfair. It is important to be careful and to weigh this because merely deleting this feedback is not always advisable. In any case, you should not react precipitately to such hostility. Even if the accusation is entirely out of thin air. In the social networks, you can now position yourself as a problem solver: ask factually for the exact problem. If the user continues to fail and is unjustified, other users often jump in and defend.

11. Do not buy fans

The last of our social media marketing tips refers to a common misconception with bought fans to make a difference. That does not bother you, because their quality is underground.

Fans who do not interact are a hindrance to their own reach. For example, Facebook has developed an algorithm that no longer shows all your contacts (fans) their posts. Only if these seem really interesting, so users interact, also increases your reach.

If you would like to attract many new fans right at the beginning of your social media campaign, you should encourage them to tap into all your channels, subscribe to the newsletter, customer database and advertisements. This is the only way to get real prospects who are also interested in your offers.

12. Solve typical problems

Each lid fits a lid, and every problem knows a solution. Your own company will be aware of the solutions to the issues reported if they solved often. But not every customer knows this. In social media marketing, these aspects can be addressed. Also, a forwarding to the homepage with solved problems is conceivable.

13. Be authentic and human

Companies often think of themselves as an institution. Especially on the social networks but the employees are targeted and can leave a cosmopolitan and friendly impression. Not every conversation or comment has a specific purpose. Humanity is valued online.

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