Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

tips for small businesses

Effective marketing is an art that must be used by both large as well as small businesses. While small businesses, especially brick-and-mortar stores, are still investing heavily in newspaper advertising, these small businesses are highly disregarding online marketing, even though much of their main audience is online. In addition to the disregard for online marketing, there are many other mistakes that small businesses make on a daily basis in the area of online marketing.

Although for small businesses with a tight advertising budget, effective marketing can be all the more difficult, the good news is that modern times, allow small businesses to use the internet to conduct intelligent and effective publicity campaigns. These campaigns can increase your company’s visibility and help you get more customers, even if you do not distribute your service or products online.

With the following tips, you will be sure to avoid any online marketing mistakes and differentiate your business from your competitors and reach more customers.

Be active in your community or niche

It is important to make a name for yourself in your community or niche. This also includes being active in groups, answering questions and actively contributing to the community. In the long run, this can lead to being perceived as a specialist, which also means that you are invited to events and people will be the first to inform you, as you are perceived as an expert.

To become even more relevant and to use the status as an expert, it is also advisable to get in touch with various companies and individuals, be it SEO marketing agencies, blogger influencers or journalists. If you find relevant topics, it is also advisable to write and publish a corresponding media release there. Try not to send out any press releases, because journalists hate to be bombarded with nonsense, just like other bloggers.

Be represented with your company online

Be in possession of a modern and convincing online website to give potential customers the opportunity to decide for you and your offer! Nowadays, a meaningful online presence is almost vital to surviving, because today’s customer is first informed about the company online as well as the product and service being offered. They then make the decision to buy a product or service because the online presence helps to reduce concerns about the business and gain confidence.

Especially in this day and age, where much takes place almost exclusively online, this tip seems superfluous. However, many companies give away enormous potential because they are not properly positioned online.

If a customer searching on Google to inquire about certain merchants, they will find that many still do not have their own website or just a Facebook profile. This may eventually put them off.

Link offline marketing to online marketing

Our world is becoming more and more online, but also offline marketing should not be neglected. Rather, you should link it to the field of online marketing! If you have a store on a high street, provide your customers with information about your online presence, show that you are active on Facebook, and share your blog with great news.

Be creative, be different!

Give your company a face and an independent character and show it on your website, blog and social media channels! Acquire your own and special way of posting and disseminating Facebook & Instagram content, develop your own style of writing and stand out optically from the “bad” everyday routine.

Offer your customers a variety of contact options

Most of our lives are fast and often hectic. This is also one of the reasons why people are less and less talking on the phone, but communicating with messengers in text form. However, this form of communication offers the practical advantage of postponing the conversation and answering when one feels like it.

You should also consider this aspect of modern communication as a business. In addition to the general contact path via telephone, you can also offer customers the option to contact via e-mail, Facebook messenger or Whatsapp.

Be available on social media

Social media platforms offer businesses a variety of opportunities to build their own community, especially for small businesses with a local relevance. This way they can interact with local users, create local events and create content with a local context.

Create content with a local reference to your website and your blog

If your business is targeted locally, it’s a good idea to give your site a local reference so that Google is also better informed that you’re primarily active in your city. This important because apart from your contact details and imprint, Google does not learn much about your local offer. If, for example, you offer online marketing seminars in New York, you should make sure that the local reference is also stated on the corresponding information page on your website or in your blog.

Publish local events online

Every company has special offers from time to time. The important thing here is how you communicate this! If you are currently making a promotion, you can post it as a “local event” on your blog or offers a section on your website, or promote it as an event on Facebook.

Encourage your customers to rate you

Word of mouth has always been and will always be important. The wonderful thing about today is that you can now leave recommendations digitally and for everyone. Encourage your customers to leave you nice reviews on Facebook, Google, and any other portal with rating opportunity, because you attract more psychologically more customers and rise in the general ranking on Google.


Effective marketing is not always easy. Rather, it is often associated with risks to opt for the right strategy. Costs and time spent are also incurred but the effort is worth it, and it is also worth doing this effort aggressively.

Especially small local companies should not underestimate the opportunities of local marketing and ignore them. If you manage to create your own ” brand ” online and offline, you will be able to beat your competitors with great success.