Effective Email Marketing Tips and Tricks

Email marketing tips and tricks

A lot of evolution has occurred in the world of advertising; email marketing in particular. Many marketing strategists have developed tips that aren’t only practical but push past the typical ‘know your audience’ and ‘be strategic’ lines already established. In this article are nine possible ways to revamp your email advertising plan in 2018.

Form your goals

The key to efficient utilization of the single most potent mode of marketing is to distinctly establish your goals, ensuring that they stay connected to your company’s overall marketing goals and KPIs. Initially the urge is to adopt an email marketing tool and commence your campaign. It is safer, however, to spend time reflecting on the definite aim you’re hoping to achieve.

Identifying your goals, in turn, will direct you to the best types of campaigns to be dispatched, who to address your messages to, and what your message should contain to increase your reach. Are you hoping to gain more attendees for an event or expand your product signups? If so, take a minute to define your goals before jumping in.

Be aware of existing competition

You may be wondering if putting effort into your email marketing strategy is going to be beneficial in the long run; it is. When you have a website, email marketing is seen as one of the most effective advertisement tools and as such it’s always being upgraded.

As the inbox of internet users matures, so does the number of existing business competitors. This increase means businesses must regularly update themselves on existing activities and their strategies to ensure that they stay a step (or ten) ahead of

Develop your mailing list

Before you can commence the sharing of your campaign, it is advisable that as an organization, you build up an email list based on your goals listed in the first step. There are varied ways through which an email list develops. You can:

Import a list of known contacts

This module is used when your goal is to be in constant touch with already existing customers. You must, however, make sure that you have due clearance to send emails to each subscriber enlisted.

Create a new list

A new list means that as an organization, your goal gears towards reaching out to new clients and as such, you require their email addresses. Some successful email marketers follow an email list building formula that says that:

Offer an incentive

A valuable incentive plus simple subscribe opportunities equals a large email list. If you’re looking to reach out to site visitors, you must have an existing incentive they find enticing enough. Your motivation, however, will not work in exclusivity; you must make subscription options as simple as possible. The best way to provide a fantastic incentive is to develop exciting content. Marketing teams must offer to provide subscribers with their best content via email.

Another form of incentive, specially made for businesses with online stores, is to offer discounts or free shipping deals. These discounts are placed on all initial orders subscribers place. With this incentive, users are encouraged not only to sign up but to purchase your products. Shipping deals are best used during the process of checkout as this quickens their motivation to sign up and receive their products swiftly.

Scrub your email lists

Your email lists must be wiped from time to time to maintain the growth of email engagement rates. The best time to do this, however, is at the beginning of the year. One thing to remember in the world of email marketing is that the quality of subscribers surpasses its quantity.

The most apparent cohort eligible for removal are subscribers who do not open your emails. Send subscribers an ‘alert’ mail. If they ignore that mail too, you can go ahead and take them off your list. A few subscribers may engage with your emails from time to time for varying reasons. It is best to study the kinds of emails they usually engage with and fine-tune your mail if possible to ensure that you provide subscribers with content they’ll love to go through.

Send regular newsletters

Email newsletters are usually about a particular topic of interest, mostly meant to keep constant with all existing subscribers. It’s the best option when gearing your marketing towards always keeping your products and services on the mind of customers’ and redirecting them to your site.

Send marketing offers

Marketing offers aim at deriving direct responses from their subscribers. Some offers inform subscribers of the latest item in your online store, urging them to make a purchase. Other offer campaigns provide discounts and promotions on specific products and services the company has.

Send announcement emails

Announcement emails are your best bet if you’re looking to keep your existing audience constantly on your page and updated on all your latest items and features. All announcements not only inform subscribers, but they offer them the opportunity to access your site for their purchasing needs.

Be personal

Majority of subscribers prefer having personalized messages sent to them. Develop your message to give off an individualistic feel such that each customer feels as though they’re the only ones addressed. Personalization of emails is most likely to skyrocket sales and website engagements against your existing competitors.

Get whitelisted

When your business is whitelisted, it merely means that the recipient has added you to their address book. Thus, all emails you send automatically enter their inbox and not their spam. To be confident that your address is found within their list, provide instruction at the beginning of your initial and follow up emails.

Enable mobile conversion

With technology evolving ever so swiftly, most internet users have been found to access information more from their mobile devices than any other medium. If your campaigns haven’t been made easily accessible across all mobile devices, now is the time to consider it.

By using the above tips and tricks, along with our email optimization services at, as your first point of call in marketing your business, you are assured of better more engaging emails for the rest of this year.