Best Social Media Marketing Tools

social media marketing tools

The 21st century takes marketing to the next level with the introduction of social media. With platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, many businesses are offered simple yet effective ways through which they can create a dedicated, organic audience while standing out from among their competition. Social media marketing thus has become a necessity for all organizations looking to sell as unlike paid advertisement, social media allows businesses to create awareness sans the exorbitant costs.

This article shares specific tools that will make your online marketing skills more effective, without you feeling overwhelmed.


If you’re a business that manages numerous social media accounts across most of the prominent platforms, Buffer is one of the best tools for you. Not only does the app aid in the scheduling and management of all your content, but it also prides itself in add-ons such as photo editing and group collaboration. The data analytics feature existent in the app is one that reports back to you on how your posts are performing. Such feedback is essential as it keeps you informed on all content with or without significant engagement.


Is your business Instagram biased? Iconosquare has got you with its ability to track your content, be it with single or multiple accounts, schedule all posts and ultimately submit in-depth insights into your feed content.


Social media marketing relies heavily on visual content. In recent times, infographics have been noted to catch the attention of most online users as compared to text. Canva (which offers free as well as paid alternatives) is an excellent tool for visual content creation. With a lot of templates to choose from, be it an ad on Facebook or a header for your blog site, Canva enables businesses with little design experience to develop attractive and engaging visual content for their existing and potential clients. As an added tip for killer visual content, marketers can work with stock images from sites such as Pexels or Shutterstock.


Hootsuite is considered an extremely dominant tool for any online marketer. Similar to Buffer, Hootsuite can be used to schedule posts in advance across multiple social media platforms. The apparatus also allows the marketer to understand precisely how their content is faring once shared online.

Sprout Social

In marketing, the result is the ability of an organization to sell its business to a potential client. Marketing in effect views humans as the beneficiary of all types of marketing, online or not. One of the best customer relationship management tools online is Sproutsocial. Despite offering only paid plans, this tool is worth every single penny, as it aims at allowing organizations and marketing teams to create and improve upon all relationships that exist between them and their client. Sproutsocial utilizes swift and proficient responses to all demands and comments. Sproutsocial analytics feature also tracks public commitment thus, helping salespersons better control their efforts.


If your marketing strategy involves sharing blog links across social media platforms, you can attest to the fact that those links are excessively long. Bitly is a tool that shortens and URL, adapting it accordingly to any social media platform it is posted on, be it Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Also, marketing teams can track their link analytics and thus, can improve on their existing marketing strategies.

If This Then That

Known in many circles simply as IFTT, this tool introduces an entirely new dimension to marketing. IFTTT’s applications are split into features particular to platforms, iOS and Google being samples. All existing devices can be used together to develop a single set of commands that work on marketing your brand across the said platform. IFTTT’s command sets give marketing strategists time to design and build advertising modules for further marketing.


Tailwind guarantees all users business engagement and success on Pinterest and Instagram platforms. If you are a skeptic, this marketing tool gives you the option to have a free trial of its features before making any commitment.


One of the marketing tools strongly recommended due to its excessive on traffic generation, MeetEdgar takes post scheduling to another level by introducing the automatic re-sharing of a business’ evergreen content. Despite this automation, the app enables users to choose the posts that can be reposted and those they’d instead not repost. MeetEdgar creators also pride themselves in the inclusion of direct video upload options with an unending collection of updates.


One tool that helps expose businesses to new methods of content creation and online strategies is BuzzSumo. This app requires you to input a set of keywords before connecting you to trending content or groups and individuals interested in that content. Ultimately BuzzSumo is geared towards aiding businesses to identify existing influencers in your industry you can get in contact with to assist your business and reputation evolve.

Crowd Booster

Analyzing your social media marketing activities can be quite difficult as it is often not easy to find out which visitors came to your site through which platform. Crowdbooster helps you to fill this knowledge gap. It analyzes and reports on your activities on social networks and attempts to match the auction results to any digital marketing campaign. This information will help you to understand where your markets are and which methods are best suited to them so that customers can complete their visit to your website.

Managing Your Social Media Marketing

Whether it’s the quest to improve your business content creation or general online presence, don’t limit your business to one app. Experiment and find the tools suitable for your audience.

Social media marketing is a difficult area. Therefore, newcomers should develop a comprehensive understanding before investing in complicated social media management tools. Fortunately, as a social media management agency, we offer a number of blogs on our company’s web pages that provide in-depth information about the methodology and purpose of social media marketing. So take time to visit these blogs and find out which of the tools best suits your marketing campaign.