6 Benefits of Subscribing to a Paid SEO Tool

Subscribing paid SEO tool marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools are a must-have for anyone serious about ensuring that their website remains visible on the internet. SEO is crucial to the success of a website. Beyond just trying to rank highly on search engines, having good SEO can boost the overall performance of the website. It can also improve the user experience which will strengthen the performance of the website on search engines.

SEO has been a major topic of discussion when it comes to digital marketing and it will continue to be. Hence the importance of having several tools that can help you get it right with your website’s SEO. There are many free SEO tools that you can take advantage of, however, you should also consider the paid ones.

In this article, we will be revealing some of the reasons why you should consider subscribing to a paid SEO tool. Some of the best-paid SEO tools include Majestic SEO, SEOmoz PRO, Raven Tools, Advanced Web Ranking, SEMrush, WordTracker, Whitespark, BuzzStream, SEO Spider, CognotiveSEO, Linkex, Open site explorer, search metrics suite and many more. If you would like to see how a paid SEO tool can benefit your brand, it would be useful to contact an SEO agency who can assist you further. Here are 6 benefits of subscribing to a paid SEO tool.

1. Predict SEO Strategies

The rules governing SEO constantly changes, and brands that are not aware of current SEO changes are likely to miss out on the newer strategies that can improve the overall performance of the website. Most paid tools come with very advanced features that give website owners insight into the current SEO strategies that can improve their ranking on search engines, especially Google (with its ever-changing algorithms). By predicting SEO strategies, brands can also know in advance the kind of content that they can push out across all their platforms that people will actually engage with.

2. Identify the weaknesses of the website

Some free tools can do this to an extent but the paid SEO tools that give the advanced form of this feature would want to give you more value for money. So be sure to expect a very advanced tool that is able to pinpoint exactly where the weaknesses of the website are. This is in terms of hitting a very high SEO score that will boost the performance of the website. By conducting a very thorough analysis on the website, website owners would be able to understand their website better and come up with solutions to convert that weakness into a strength. Some of these paid tools can also offer resources that will be helpful to the website owner when trying to resolve such weak areas of the website.

3. Understand your competitors

It is very misleading, and in fact deadly, to think that a brand does not have either a direct or indirect (secondary) competitor in the same industry. One rule for succeeding in any kind of business is knowing who your competitors are, and studying them very well so that you can continue to remain above them or strive to at least be beside them. And on the internet now, trust that there are many people who are probably talking or writing about the same thing that you are already talking about.

So, in order to stay ahead of them, you need to understudy your competitors, know what they are doing to stay ahead, deploy some of their strategies or improve on those strategies to keep your brand ahead of theirs. This is what some of these paid SEO tools with very advanced competitive analysis offer. And as one who wants to remain at the top or dominate a particular niche, you need to know what makes your competitor’s website perform better than yours. You also need to know what their weaknesses are so that you can leverage it to the advantage of the brand.

4. Optimize website for ranking on search engine

This is the ultimate goal of any website out there. It is the need to be constantly seen by those who matter to the brand the most as well as the need to keep it that way. That is why most brands keep fighting to get a good rank on various search engines, especially Google (as it is one of the most used and very popular search engines). Paid SEO tools come with very advanced features that help brands to fully optimize their website for search engines so that they can rank high on search engine results page (SERP).

5. Keyword monitoring and research

Advanced SEO tools, most of which are paid for, come with a keyword research and monitoring feature. Keywords are an essential aspect of SEO, in fact, relevant keywords used on the website, on landing pages, and for digital marketing efforts can make a difference in the SEO performance of the website. With such features, website owners can have a better understanding of keywords that the website is ranking for on a daily basis as well as understand the search volumes for those keywords that it ranks high for (and other ones it wants to rank highly for).

In addition to that, website owners can also research keywords relevant to the industry of the brand so that those keywords can be prioritized over others when being used on the website. This is also relevant for paid promotions or adverts online.

6. Improve backlinks (inbound links) and outbound links

There are more advanced SEO tools that primarily focuses on ensuring both the internal (backlinks) and external (outbound links) links of the website are working as they should. These advanced tools can also come with features that can help website owners check and know when an internal or external link is broken. It also helps to quickly fix broken links as it might take a huge toll on the performance of the website. This is because it could increase the bounce rate that the website might experience. So, brands can have more effective internal and external links that are boosting the SEO of the website rather than harming it.