What is Tumblr? 5 Benefits of Tumblr Marketing

Benefits of marketing tumblr

With over 400 million blogs on Tumblr (as of July 2018, according to Statista), this blogging site creatively designed like a social media networking platform, has gained popularity for its simplicity and effectiveness. This is especially the case amongst millennials who are very much drawn to it as an alternative to Facebook – which is now perceived to be favored by much older users.

Millennials are mostly interested in connecting with friends and keeping tabs on what they are doing right at that moment in time. This possibly explains why Tumblr is more attractive to them. Another interesting reason for the popularity of this platform is that its content is user-driven. This implies that more focus is placed on creating content that will interest users rather than brand-focused content.

Why Tumblr?

Brands with products or services catering to the needs of people drawn to Tumblr would definitely benefit more if the brand is well positioned there. With over 400 million blogs and over 59 million posts published daily, brands are sure to get exposure in this vibrant online community. This would provide brands with an advantage over competitors. Therefore, it is vital for businesses to stand out and build a strong online presence by capitalizing on the fickleness of the attention span of these younger users.

It is important that you first carry out thorough market research to establish who your brand’s target audience is and create several buyer personas that fit. You also need to know how Tumblr fits into your brand’s culture and its marketing goal. This would determine how effective the benefits of Tumblr would be to your brand – otherwise, marketing on Tumblr would just be a waste of time and resources.

If you would like your business to enjoy the rewards of Tumblr marketing, you can use a social media marketing agency to help you reach your goals. Now, let’s take a look at some of the amazing benefits of using Tumblr to market your brand.

5 Benefits of Tumblr Marketing

1. Easy tracking of essential measure metrics

With Tumblr, brands can track metrics that are relevant to their marketing goals. This is how you can tell if what you are doing on Tumblr is actually working to help reach the marketing objective for your brand. While it can be easy to get distracted on this free platform, brands must be conscious about their activities on the platform to ensure that they are on the right path for their marketing goals – otherwise, they’d be marketing the brand blindly. Results can also serve as a guide to know what kind of content and images that will work on other online marketing platforms.

2. Opportunity to create more engaging content

As mentioned earlier, Tumblr has successfully created an environment for those who love to be on the web while engaging in meaningful interactions. Now, brands can be more creative about the kind of content they share. They can use content to create a compelling online experience that will move their target audience to take action that could lead to sales or conversions.

Brands will have to work harder to create very original content worthy of being reblogged. Reblogging helps increase brand exposure while creating more opportunities for people to keep interacting with the content. Content is very essential to the success of any brand on Tumblr because it can activate a user’s interest in the brand which would help build a thriving community for the brand online.

3. Brands create compelling landing pages on Tumblr

Organic traffic is very essential to any brand looking to get more exposure online through their website. The vibrant environment that Tumblr creates makes it easy for brands to drive more organic traffic to their website. Businesses can also use their Tumblr as an extension of their e-commerce website by using content (especially images) to creatively weave a story around its product or services. This story should get users excited and more interested in their brand. Tumblr is quite very simple and easy to set up and you can start getting reasonable engagement with your content. Ensure that it is unique and user-friendly to drive more attention to your brand.

4. It improves SEO ranking for brands

Every brand needs to push out the right content on the right platform that will help it to be well-optimized for search engines. People should be able to search for the brand online and find relevant links to information that will help them make a buying decision. This is why businesses need to ensure that they rank well on search engines (first for their own name, and secondly for both primary and secondary keywords relevant to the brand).

The huge user-base that Tumblr has increasingly gathered over the years has made the platform too popular for search engines to ignore. This is coupled with the fact that its users focus on creating unique shareable contents as well as driving real engagements. Brands can create an active Tumblr account to improve their ranking on search engines and this, in turn, can help increase more organic traffic to the brand’s website.

5. Easier to create a relatable brand personality online

Brands have to go the extra mile to develop a deeper connection with their target audience. In fact, all marketing campaigns should endeavor to achieve this while trying to sell to their target audience. The deeper the connection between a brand and its target audience the easier it becomes to sell anything to them. This would require that brands put in more effort and resources into creating content that will appeal to their target audience while reflecting the personality of the brand.

The hope here is that users will engage with the content and form a level of connection to the brand. To grow a deeper connection, brands will have to be more committed to doing the same things that sparked that initial connection and improve on it. This is pretty much the same as a normal human relationship that seeks to go deeper.