What is a Landing Page?

what is a landing page

A very common complaint by many website owners is about how they have a lot of traffic on their website on one day and then much less traffic the following week. They also worry that the possibility of experiencing such a large in-flow of organic traffic again may be very slim. This is why landing pages come in handy. They help with the conversion of visitors into customers (or at least the majority of visitors). Better still some visitors can create instant sales.

What Exactly is a Landing Page?

A landing page is an online page that has been created in a unique way. It is different from the home page of a website in that it has a specific goal tied to it. Such goals are usually aimed at helping the brand accomplish a set of objectives and a landing page is designed to focus on a specific target audience with a specific objective at a specific time.

Unlike other pages of a website, landing pages are less interactive and not bombarded with content, rather they are more informative and highly persuasive because of the nature of the objectives of such pages. It is very common for people to assume that landing pages are not necessary since a brand already has a website. This assumption is incorrect because these a landing page is so much more than just another page occupying space on the website. The benefits of landing pages are quite numerous.

If you would like to use landing pages on your website to generate leads and instant sales, it would be wise to use a digital marketing agency. They can help you grow traffic and meet your objectives. Now, that you have a clear understanding of landing pages, take a look at the benefits so you can start implementing it on your website.

5 Benefits a Good Landing Page Brings

1. Will generate more conversions and leads

By using the right techniques for creating a landing page, brands will be able to generate more leads and conversions. This is the very essence of a landing page and that is why it has a separate function compared to the home page of a website and other pages. The primary goal of landing pages is to give that business a boost by generating leads that could convert into sales – or create instant sales. In order to do this, landing pages must be void of any kind of distracting content. The goal of landing pages is to convert almost every visitor into a lead. Landing pages must be well designed to cater to the different buyer personas of the brand.

2. Will boost the SEO of the website

Search engine optimization (SEO) is very important to a website that wants to rank high on search engines. One of the reasons why good landing pages tend to boost a website’s SEO is that these pages are actually built to be SEO friendly. Web pages are designed to be responsive to mobile devices – that they have to open faster than normal for example. In this same sense, landing pages are built to be responsive to search engines in that they contain essential keywords and supporting images that are used to generate huge traffic that leads to conversions. Although this traffic may be received via paid adverts, visitors would still stay longer on the page to read the content and decide whether or not to proceed with the call to actions. All these are some of the aspects that makes landing pages attractive to any search engine. Invariably, this would boost the brands ranking on search engines as well as generate more organic traffic to the website or the landing page itself.

3. Brands will receive reliable data to work with

Data is key to the success of any marketing campaign. It helps brands make better marketing decisions that will generate more returns on marketing investments. A lot of brands run targeted ads with landing pages specially created for the unique buyer persona that the brand is targeting. In addition to converting most of those targeted visitors to leads, brands can also collect raw data about activities on these landing pages. This way they can better understand their target audience and construct even more powerful landing pages and adverts that can convert more visitors in future marketing campaigns. Brands can use analytics tools to extract this data which can be further analyzed in greater detail.

4. Will effectively create brand awareness

It is often said that first impressions create lasting impressions and a good landing page must be able to do just that. A landing page is an opportunity for brands to create a great first impression in the mind of those visitors that they are targeting. That is why a lot of effort is put into creating a great landing page. From the design layout to the content, everything about that page has to great and exceptional. This is the only way for the business to create greater awareness about the brand or create anticipation for something that the brand is releasing. This would be more appropriate for brands that used their landing page to promote a specific product or service that they are launching. A landing page will create a memorable user experience for that one time visit. This, in turn, will make the brand register in the mind of the visitor. Brands can creatively use their landing pages to both increase conversions or leads and increase the visitor’s curiosity about the brand. This is done by creating a brand persona that compels the visitor to take a look at other pages on the website.

5. Will automatically help to sift through website visitors

A lot of businesses that make passive sales rely on the power of landing pages. All they mostly focus on is pushing out targeted adverts that will generate enough traffic to the landing page. A well-built landing page will sift through traffic to get the attention of visitors that fit into the buyer persona that the page is targeting. Brands can later work on collated data and follow up on leads that did not convert into sales.