Tips to Grow Your Email List

Tips to grow your email list

Emails are obviously still the best thing on the internet right now. It is in its own class of modern communication and remains as relevant as ever, especially with more businesses striving to pitch their tent in the digital space, emails have become a necessary tool for strengthening brand connection and loyalty through business communication.

Emails have grown to become a simple form of communication used for income generation that only targets sales from potential customers. As a progressive brand, firstly, you should seek to use emails to establish and build relationships with those who have even the smallest interest in your brand. Further down the line, you can leverage those connections to encourage them to make a buying decision.

Growing a company’s email list now is not just about a show of social capital but a necessity for increasing sales and other primary or secondary objectives the organization has in mind. If you would like to implement various strategies to grow your email list, it would be a smart move to get in touch with an email marketing agency to help in this regard.

In this article, we will share very simple ways that you can quickly grow your email list with ease. Take a look at the following:

1. Host webinars and make interested persons register ahead

Webinars are mainly web-based seminars or events. You need a website to do this. And you can do it on your website. The idea behind is to share very helpful information with people in real-time and have them engage with the content. If you do a good job with creating a very interesting webinar series, and have people sign up or register ahead for each event (as well as tell their friends to register too), this will be a very simple way to keep increasing your email list. If you really have a great lineup of hosts, speakers and topics ensure you promote it very well across your social media pages and on any other platform. The more awareness and buzz you create the more attention you draw to the website and this increases the chances of getting more people to register. Do not be disappointed however if the number of people that registered is lower than the actual number of people that attended the webinars, your goal was getting their emails in the first place, so leverage on the new emails you have gotten.

2. Use email popups

Thank goodness for the amazing brains behind email popups! They have been saving website owners from losing the quality traffic that comes to their websites. And you too can get saved too. So, research on various email popular plugins that you can install on your website. Ensure the layout is very responsive to mobile devices. You can choose to opt for email popups that appear when visitors are about to exit, or when they have almost scrolled to the middle of the page and so on. There are quite a lot of options you can choose from but do not overdo it. One popup is okay. Ensure you use a beautifully designed image with attention-grabbing texts. Limit email form to just their name and email address. If the email sign up form is too long it can discourage them from completing the sign-up.

3. Show email sign up forms at the beginning of the blog post

This is quite different from pop-ups because the sign-up form doesn’t briefly interrupt what the visitor is reading. Rather it is just a simple widget that you can place anywhere in the middle or end of a post. This way you don’t interrupt the reading and leave visitors to decide if they want to sign up to read more content from you, especially if they like why they have just read. So by putting these simple email sign up widgets around it make it super easy to sign up without having to search the website for it.

4. Share quality content on your blog

People will only be interested in getting notifications about new blogs you’ve posted on a website if they find the ones there useful to them. So make a good first impression by creating quality content. Ensure the email sign up forms are easily accessible on the website too.

5. Give free helpful downloadable content

This has remained one of the easiest ways to grow an email list. People love free things, that’s a fact, and if that free thing is even extremely useful to them they will love it more! You can create any kind of downloadable content, like spreadsheet, music, printable to-do list and so on, whatever would be very useful to your target audience. Create a beautiful flyer for it and put it on your website. Or you can make it pop-up too (there are various pop-up tools and plugins for creating this effect). Have them sign up to get these free downloadable materials. You can also choose to create exclusive content for exclusive members who sign up free to your newsletter, be sure to show a sneak peek and how it will greatly benefit them.

6. Host a free event or meet up and have people sign up

You can host a free event or a Meetup and have people register for the event. For the fact that it is free does not mean that people will easily register. Since it’s going to take both their time and money (for transporting themselves to the location of the event or Meetup), people are going to focus on the quality of the event and how it benefits them. So you should create an event that people won’t think twice about. Then registration should be compulsory not just for the emails but to also make it super easy to plan ahead.

7. Share your newsletter link on social media

The idea behind this is to give people a sneak peek of the kind of content they will be getting if they sign up to get emails from you. Don’t do this too often so it doesn’t seem like for every new letter you send out you’d always show them the content. Create a lot of suspense in the preview you share and ask them to sign up

Other tips include using a great landing page and requesting that your subscribers share your emails with their friends. You can also be creative with your call-to-action tabs on social media.