10 Ways to Promote a Website Using Webinars

10 Ways to Promote a Website Using Webinars

Webinars, the short form of web-based seminars, have increasingly grown in popularity over the last few years with more people using the internet frequently.
Unlike its counterpart – seminars, which are held in physical locations, webinars, allows brands to gather people of the same or similar interests together in a place online through a website, from any part of the world. In this space, they can share useful information in real-time. Just like seminars, with webinars, people can exchange ideas, thoughts and discuss as if they are in the same physical location.

One key and outstanding element of webinars are that participants can remain interactive on such platforms in the comfort of their homes or offices. They are also allowed to leave comments or feedback during webinars that the speakers can respond to live.

Webinars are truly a powerful marketing tool when used effectively to reach the target audience of the brand. So if you would like to promote your website using webinars, it would be wise to get in touch with a digital marketing agency to assist you. On the other hand, if you have already started a website and you are looking to get more people to visit your website and hopefully interact with the content you share, consider starting a webinar and promote your website with it.

Let’s examine these simple tips for promoting your website through webinars:

1. Make it interesting

These webinars are going to be held on your website, so it is important to make sure that you make it as interesting as possible to those you are targeting.

2. Do not make it too long

You really don’t want to start your webinar series by boring people out. Keep it short and interesting. Quality over quantity always.

3. Create a webinar series

It is always best to start by creating a webinar series. You can select a very wide topic, like business management and create a series of topics around this. Create several series so you can pick the different interests that your target audience is likely to have and use that as a bait to hook them to your website. By doing this, they will always have a reason to check back on the website for new topics in fields that interests them.

4. Always have a webinar script

It is always best to have a script for each webinar. This will be based on the topic you have selected. Create the script with the host and presenters in mind so that it flows very well. The script should be displayed somewhere below the area where participants will be viewing the webinar and creatively weave links to other content on your website blog. Doing this will urge them to want to read more about what the host and presenter are talking about. Like we mentioned earlier, keep the webinar short and interesting. This will encourage them to want to go to links you have shared in the script after the webinar ends.

5. Start promotion early

If you have an interesting line up of webinar series for a week or month, it is always best to start promoting it early. This way you are creating awareness about the webinar and driving more traffic to your website ahead of the scheduled date for the webinar. Create a buzz around it using the lineup of speakers and hosts that you may have as well as the topics you have selected. Create attractive flyers and share it on your social media pages and share it in various social media groups that you belong to. If you have some extra cash to spare, create teaser videos for each webinar or a line up of speakers and host you have for the week or month. Then you can run a promoted advert on social media or any other platform where your target audience is located. You can also look for webinar listing sites where you can list your upcoming events free or for a token.

6. Find creative ways to engage your audience

The whole idea of webinars is to create a platform where people can learn and interact from the comfort of their own places. You need to find ways to keep your audience engaged while they are on your website until the moment the webinar ends. Engagement is very key for getting viewers to do other actions on your website even after the webinar has ended

7. Write a blog about it and share

Your aim is to promote your website through the webinar, so why not write a detailed blog post about it. Talk about the speakers and host you have selected as well as the topic. You can also talk about the reason why you chose the topic and why you feel your target audience will greatly benefit from it. You can also share any other relevant information, like if there is going to be some special information towards the end of the webinar or somewhere in-between the session (to create more suspense and increase anticipation).

8. Make it free

It is very hard for people to turn down things that are highly rewarding and free. So, if you have done all the tips we mentioned above, you can make attendance free. This is one cheap way to drive people to the website.

9. Talk about the website during the webinar

This is a simple way to promote your website through the webinar you are hosting on the website. You can have the speaker or the host talk about it the website, and content on the website that will be useful to the viewers, especially in line with the current topic that is being discussed.

10. Let people sign up in advance for the webinar

This is a smart way to get more awareness of your website. If you have created a brilliant teaser video or social media flyer for the webinar, share registration link too. And make sure they register ahead for it on your website. Then after registration, you can send a follow-up email that will tell them more about the website. Then share a link to the blog post you have written on the website about the webinar. This will make them visit the website. To ensure they not only visit the website through that link but are able to carry out other actions on the website, creatively put other links to helpful content on your website.