8 Best Pinterest Free and Paid Analytics Tools

Pinterest free and paid analytics tools marketing

Are you a business looking to step up your Pinterest game and take advantage of all the possible opportunities the platform offers? If so, you should consider the use of a specialized Pinterest analytics tool that will help improve the visibility of your Pinterest posts. The below Pinterest analytics tools are both free and paid, which brands and businesses can use to measure and track their performance with the help of a social media marketing agency.


Tailwind is no doubt, one of the best Pinterest analytics tools. It comes with a lot of exciting features like creating post schedules, content optimization, tracking trends in an industry, tracking activities on both on an external and on the Pinterest page and so much more! In addition to all this, this tool can also create charts that make it easy for you to understand all extracted data.

Two additional and very impressive features of the Tailwind analytics tool include the domain monitoring feature and the content optimization feature. Once registered, you are given the option of making a one-time payment for a year allowing subscribers to get four extra months payment free.

Price: between $10 to $15 dollars per month.

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest’s inbuilt analytics tool is very simple and easy to understand and is especially useful for users new to SEO. It allows content creators to discover and track pins related to their niche, using the website address of the desired business or brand.

The Pinterest analytics tool also offers very detailed data about activities on your Pinterest page as well as that of the sites you have registered and verified on Pinterest. Reports gotten through this tool can also be extracted into spreadsheets making it easy to keep records of your performance to understand ways to improve the brand.

Price: Free

Viral Tag

The Viral Tag analytics tool, the social media analytics holy grail for most, is perfect for businesses struggling to keep up with the performance of their content as well as those who are lagging behind in curating and posting regular (and relevant) content.

An amazing feature of this tool is that it suggests the best time that your content would perform the most as well as relevant hashtags. Asides that, it can be used across all your social media platforms (just like with Tailwind, Viral Woot and Curalate) to create content in such a way that it fits the atmosphere of each social networking site; to get the best results from each post.

Price: between $29 dollars per month to $249 dollars per month

Pin Puff

The Pin puff analytics tool is probably one of the simplest Pinterest tools out there. It is straightforward and easy to use while providing a very detailed analysis of activities on a Pinterest page. Once you have entered your email address and the username of your Pinterest account, it will automatically score your page’s performance, offering the fine details on how it arrived at that score.

You will find all the necessary information about the different aspects of your Pinterest profile that it has analyzed and scored. This can be screenshot and saved for later use. Use this tool on a monthly basis to monitor growth and compare with the previously saved report.

Price: Free


Pinreach is one of the best free Pinterest analytics tools out there. Unlike other tools, it primarily focuses on the activities of a brand’s Pinterest page such as the number of followers, repins, likes, shares, top performing pins, popular boards and so on. When compared to Pin Puff, Pinreach primarily focuses on the influence level (or performance) of a brand on Pinterest.

Price: Free

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics tool is a great way for Pinterest users to create and set goals. This can be done in the goals area on the Google Analytics dashboard for tracking the traffic that comes to your website from Pinterest. This will not only offer an insight into the amount of traffic but you can dig deeper into understanding the behavioral pattern of each visitor. For more detailed information, you can also track how many minutes each visitor spends on your website, what links they are clicking, and whether they exit your website without visiting another page (this increases bounce rate which needs to be fixed).

Price: Free

Viral Woot

The Viral Woot analytics tool, in addition to its very powerful analytics features, is great for brands and businesses looking to increase their followers and gain more exposure online. This very intelligent tool not only allows users to track own business performance and receive alerts on related pins, but it also provides users with a spying feature, where the performance of their competitors can also be monitored. This can be executed using the domain name.

Businesses can also track Pinterest activities for more information on the number of pins the website receives, which users pin the most, as well as the images that are being pinned. This can help brands better understand the content strategy that is most effective, so they can be replicated in subsequent posts.

Price: between $9 to $10 dollars per month for the standard package; between $39 to $40 dollars per month for the business package


The Curalate analytics tool offers very clever ways for businesses to gather key insights to improve the quality of content shared on their Pinterest page. Curalate extracts data about the traffic each image generates on the web, the keywords used, the target audience, the number of times an image is shared and other vital details that Pinterest users make use of when they repin published images to their personal boards.

The Curalate analytics tool also focuses on helping businesses improve the experience of their customers and prospects, through user-generated content for increased sales. Businesses can also obtain accurate details about returns on marketing investments (ROMI). This tool can also be used to discover and connect with legitimate brand influencers relevant to the niche.

Price: between $10 to $100 dollars per month for the basic features; between $500 to $1000 dollars per month for the advanced features.