7 Benefits of Pinterest Marketing

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Although one of the most popular social networking platforms, Pinterest also acts as an image search engine. Despite the successful results experienced by many businesses when using Pinterest, others are still struggling with understanding how using a purely image-based platform will improve their marketing campaigns.

Irrespective of whether you are selling a car, offering plumbing services or if you own a local food shop, you certainly can make use of Pinterest to improve your marketing with the help of a social media marketing agency. Take a look at some of the benefits of Pinterest marketing.

1. Increases traffic

The first major benefit of using Pinterest for marketing is that it increases traffic to your brand’s website. In fact, this is a significant reason why many bloggers, influencers and other content creators creatively use Pinterest. Pinterest is the third largest platform that drives such incredible traffic to other websites; the platform makes it easier for brands, looking for more traffic to their site, to gain wider visibility.

When building your Pinterest business page, your focus should be on creating the kind of content that will engage Pinterest users and instil curiosity towards clicking your website link.

Asides the traffic from Pinterest users, your brand can also gain more exposure and traffic when other search engines, like Google. Pinterest is often ranked very highly on Google’s search results. However, this requires that you use the right keywords for every pin (the possible keywords you know your target audience are likely to enter into these search engines) as well as ensure that your pins are not flagged as “spammy” by Pinterest.

2. Gain newer audiences

With Pinterest, your brand will be exposed to a new audience that you may have been unaware of. The implication of this is that the brand is likely to have a lot of leads or conversions (or both) as well as increased brand visibility. It is often said that Pinterest is three times more effective in generating leads than Twitter. While this is true, you need to be well prepared to receive this new traffic.

Ensure that the all landing pages on your website are properly optimized to help increase leads and conversions. It is also important to note that tracking this new audience and understanding their behavioral patterns on your website will help you know how best to map your site and create (as well as position) content that will increase leads and /or conversions.

3. Increases brand visibility

If a brand is having problems with visibility, Pinterest can also help with that. To gain more visibility for your brand, the pins you post will appear to a wide range of people that engage with each one. But remember to present content in a way that adds value to your target audience rather than making your content shout “buy me!”. This will put them off outrightly.

Content should be presented in a way that makes your target audience picture themselves using that value-added product or service you have creatively displayed. Then they can proudly pin it to their own boards (increasing your brand visibility) or take a step further to know more about the product or service by clicking on your website link (where there might even find more images to be pinned on their boards as well).

4. Pinterest users are extremely active

Users of Pinterest are wizards of engagement when compared to other social networking platforms like Instagram and Facebook (both being a visual social networking platform). This high engagement level has earned Pinterest the credit of being a faster way for businesses to obtain more leads and conversions (for those who are using Pinterest right).

According to Hubspot, Pinterest actually reduces the number of steps from discovery to conversion. This implies that businesses can skip some stages in their sales funnel with the help of Pinterest, and quickly move to the point of leads or conversions. How cool is that?! Businesses will not only be saving time but marketing resources as well while getting close to hitting their marketing targets.

5. Effective location targeting

With the Pinterest “place’’ pins, businesses can dominate their local area. The ‘place’ pins allow users to insert the appropriate location, full address and contact number. When done correctly, the results are immense. Businesses gain more exposure to customers that are within their local area in addition to the right exposure to the specific target audience that is desired.

When using the Pinterest ‘place’ pins, ensure your content is catchy enough to tempt users to learn more about your brand without having to put the “learn more” call-to-action. The promoted pins should be used creatively and made to be fun and inspiring.

6. Affordable advertising

Pinterest, no doubt is one of the fastest and most effective ways to promote your product and /or service for free (if you do not want to run promoted adverts with any of your best-performing pins). Remember Pinterest was first used as a source of project inspiration for many, later turning into a search engine. So it’s best to always aim to inspire your audience.

For example, if you offer fresh flowers delivery, you can create different fresh flower arrangement pins which would inspire those who have an interest in the field. Or you could show how fresh flowers are neatly packaged for delivery and offer tips on how people can arrange or preserve flowers at home. By doing this, you are both promoting your services while inspiring users.

7. Better insights on your target audience

Pinterest is a powerful tool for gaining a deeper insight into the life of an individual and connecting with them This includes their likes, interests, and any event that is currently taking place in their life. For example, a user who creates a board titled ‘wedding dress ideas’ is likely to be planning a future wedding. A wedding planner or wedding dress designer can target such users with fun and creative ideas for their services to be noticed.

With Pinterest, businesses can also research trending keywords and keywords peculiar to their niche. This helps them gain insight into the interest of their followers and other Pinterest users they are targeting.