5 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

5 ways to increase Brand awareness

If people don’t know anything about a brand, it is impossible to build the needed connection that will make them consider making a buying decision. Brands need to find more creative ways to keep creating buzz and needed awareness around their brand. If you would like to successfully boost your brand awareness online, It would be wise for you to contact an SEO marketing agency to assist you with this. For now, here are 5 tips to consider.

1. Create and use referral programs

Referral marketing remains an age-old and very effective marketing strategy for boosting a brand. The once popular Mark Kay brand owes its success to a well planned and sustained referral marketing, where people talk to their friends about the brand and when they make purchases they get some sort of commission off. These people too, over time, realize that they can also make money doing what their friend did, so they also register for their referral program and start making some money too. Think of this as you paying people to tell others about your brand, unlike traditional marketing where you pay one person to tell people about your brand.

2. Identify and work with social media influencers

Social media is one of the coolest things that have happened in this 21st century. It has given people and brands the power to contact millions of people across the globe from one place without having to move an inch! So, brands not leveraging the power of social media are most definitely missing out on some good stuff that social media can really offer the brand. This is especially in the areas of creating brand awareness and brand connection (with the target audience).

The success of social media launched the success of social media influencers which has become a fully-fledged career path. Some social media users have also harnessed the power of this platform. Smart brands, that are aware of the shifting trends in the social media sphere understand the roles of these influencers and they work closely with them to drive their desired goal.

As often reiterated, social media influencers can help drive sales but much more than that – they are the spoon that is responsible for stirring the hearts of people (who follow them and respect their opinions on certain things) towards the direction of a brand. In fact, social media influencers are one of the quickest ways for brands to get the word out about their brand as well as form or shape public opinion about the brand.

3. Create engaging and shareable content regularly

We can’t deny the power of content, especially good content. It will always be a king that can’t be dethroned by any other marketing strategy out there! Brands should be deliberate about creating quality content online that will drive the attention of people to them. It is all about understanding what interests your target audience and finding creative ways to weave the brand story around their interest.

The Hallmark of any successful content online is getting people to also share it. However, people won’t share content that does not resonate well with them. So get creative and start pushing out quality content and keep at it too. You can also share content across multiple platforms too so you can draw the attention of more internet users, even if you know your target audience is not using it, those using it might know someone who is the brand’s target audience that they can share it with within their own smaller network. Brands should never doubt the power of quality shareable content. This is how viral content is made.

Always think of content that reflects the brand and resonates well with a wider audience. Explore different kinds of content types like videos, infographics, GIFs and so on. Also, explore and push out content on multiple social media networking platforms as well. This is a smart way to build brand awareness quickly and effectively in this era. In addition, keep track of all your best performing content so you can remodel it in subsequent content that will be created. This way, a brand can keep creating the kind of content people want to see while creatively weaving their brand story around such high performing content.

4. Look out for partnership opportunities

Have you ever wondered why some of these big brands like Heineken, Pepsi, and others sponsor big events like football and other big crowd-pulling events? It is a simple marketing strategy. They don’t do it because they want to show that they have a lot of money to waste or just to show off to their competitors (well, that might be a back burner reason). And even if they do, beyond that they are making strategic alliances with events that pull the kind of crowd where their target audiences are.

Whether or not we like to admit it, people love taking hard and soft drinks at events like this. And such partnerships give brands the opportunity to create more awareness about their brand to an even larger public arena. This also extends to those who are physically present at the event, and those who are watching the event live as well as those who are hearing about the event and seeing all banners and adverts online or offline about the event. If we critically look at it, these brands are getting more than what they paid for – for such strategic partnerships compared to when they use that same money to try to advertise on their own.

5. Do contests and giveaways online

How often have you come across a content post or a giveaway post online, probably while scrolling through your social media feed, and passed by it? Even if you have absolutely no interest in participating, you might just sneak into the brand’s page just to check them out or even send the link or a screenshot of the contest details to a friend that might be interested.

Irrespective of how you interacted with the giveaway or contest of the brand, you still spared some seconds to check out the brand. That is what brand awareness is about. It’s not really about getting people to make any form of commitment to the brand yet, but it is all about finding creative ways to draw the attention of people to the brand. The hope that some of them will be their target audience and over time become a customer and hopefully a loyal one as time goes by.

Beyond online contests or giveaways, brands can also device more ways to draw attention. Another good example is business idea pitches, where brands can give some sort of support or other incentives to people that win.