Tips for Successfully Boosting Facebook Posts

Tips for successfully boosting Facebook posts

Facebook is one of the best places for brands to start building their social media presence as well as building a digital footprint. Boosting posts on Facebook can help drive more organic and paid reach and impressions to a page as well as drive other marketing goals for using boosted posts on Facebook. However, not all boosted posts perform as one would desire. With the help of a social media marketing agency, this can be done with ease. However, if you are DIY savvy internet user, here are some very helpful tips for making boosted posts on Facebook more successful. Take a look at these eleven tips below.

1. Have a goal

Having a goal is the first and most important step if you want to boost a post on Facebook that will be successful. Always ask what the primary aim is for boosting a post. Having a clear understanding of what you want to achieve with that post will help with knowing what metrics to track to be certain that the boosted posts are performing well.

2. Understand your target audience

As with any marketing plan, understanding the ideal target audience of the brand can go a long way in creating an effective marketing campaign. In this digital age, your brand needs to be more deliberate about understanding the true personality of the ideal customer. You need to know the demographics of your target audience and should be able to create a buyer persona that fits deep into your services or products. This will shape the kind of content that will be boosted on Facebook in order to make it more effective.

3. Create a rich interest list

Facebook, as with other social media networking platforms, thrives on interest. Users will follow only what they have interests in (and they usually have interests in a lot of things). You need to be able to build a rich list of topics that the target audience will engage in. This is where understanding who your ideal target audience will come in handy. Your business will then be able to leverage this information to have a more successful post boost.

4. Select a location

If you are able to do the first three tips mentioned above, it would be much easier to select a location that you want to target. The trick with location is that – the more specific the interests and the demographics of the audience, the more targeted the boost will be.

5. Create catchy copy

No one likes a boring post; followers are not even going to engage with such posts not to mention those that the boosted post is shown to. Your brand needs to ensure that it pushes out quality content both the text and images. The first ten to fifty words in every post must be able to grab the attention of the reader even before sighting the complementing images in the post.

6. Use attention-grabbing image

In addition to creating and using attention-grabbing copies for Facebook posts, especially the one’s to be boosted, they also need to create very catchy images that will go well with the text in the post. In most cases for boosted posts, users are often attracted to the images first before they even attempt to read the text that goes with it. You should, therefore, ensure that the supporting images for posts you want to boost should be able to capture all or most of the message you want to pass across to the target audience in a very simple way. While doing this, you should also be mindful about using the right dimension for images when boosting so as to get the optimal results and avoid blurry images or auto crops that cuts out important details on the image.

7. Use old posts that your followers engaged with

This is one of the very simple and best ways to increase the success of a boosted Facebook post. Take a look at the best performing posts on your business page and boost them. This will make that post get more engagement, especially when people see that other users have either been reacting, liking, commenting or sharing the post. And the more new people keep engaging with the post, the more organic reach and impression the post will get. So look out for old content that you can recycle and get more organic engagement for it.

8. Use call to actions where necessary

Depending on the primary objective of the post you want to boost, it’s always great to make use of ‘call-to-actions’ and be creative with it. Avoid using a call-to-action that looks like click baits. Call-to-actions are like simple prompters that remind the user to take action with the post they are seeing. Rather than have users scroll past the boosted post, a call-to-action can actually help them engage more with the content. Simple and creative call-to-actions include; “click the like button if you think we are right’ or ‘comment with your favorite emoji if you’re excited to hear this’, or ‘tag any culprit in the comment section and drop a funny emoji for them and watch their reaction”.

9. Boost both images and video content first

If you have a central message you want to post about, consider creating both a video version and a plain image version (of maybe GIFs). Doing this allows you to experiment with the content format people will interact with the most. You can boost both posts for a few days first to see the response, then go with the content format that performs best and then boost it for the entire duration.

10. Engage with those engaging with your contents

This is a subtle way to show that your brand is present – reply comments and like comments. This way you are giving them the impression that the brand is very receptive. It can even encourage more users to engage with the post.

11. Explore the benefits of user-generated content

Depending on the primary objective for boosting the post, you can explore the amazing benefits of the content generated by those who have used their products or services. Put such content up as a post and boost it. User-generated content usually tends to naturally draw the attention of those who are likely to have interests in such products or services too.