The Difference Between Google Text Ads and Display Ads

The Difference Between Google Text Ads and Display Ads

When it comes to online advertising, there are tons of options to choose from. With a variety of different ad formats and platforms to advertise on, the ways you can reach your target audience are unlimited. However, if you want to use the two big contenders in online marketing, Google Text Ads and Display Ads are the ones to go for. In this article, we explore the difference between Google Text ads and Display ads and discuss which one is better.

What’s the Difference Between Google Text ads and Display Ads?

When used correctly, Text and Display ads drive the best results when used together. However, they’re also both effective in their own right. Before you can use them together or separately in a marketing strategy, you need to know how each one works. Below, we explore the strengths of Google Text and Display ads and see how they can be used to reach your target audience.

What are Google Text Ads?

Unless you’re one the business powerhouses like Apple, Zara, or ASOS, you’ll probably struggle to show at the top of the Google search results page. This is particularly true if you’re trying to rank for competitive searches where buyers are looking for specific products. This is where Google Text ads can help you out. Google Text ads are a form of paid advertising that gets your business shown on SERPs or search engine results pages. It’s a great way to reach your target audience through Google and help potential customers to find your product or service.

Text advertising is a relatively simple process. For instance, say you own a stationery company that makes customised cards. During the summer, you spent time creating a new line of Christmas cards ready to advertise on Google for the holiday period later in the year. When someone who is looking for a custom card online types in “customised Christmas card”, a keyword that you hopefully rank for, their search will trigger your Text ad to appear at the top of the search results. If you’ve used high-quality images and compelling copy, the searcher will hopefully click on the advert, visit your website and make a purchase.

What are Their Strengths?

Like the example above, Google Text ads can get you seen on the search page. Additionally, this type of ad can give you a competitive edge to rank with your competition, helping potential buyers to view your website before another. They also allow you to hyper-target customers based off interests, locations and intent. If you pay for a Google Text ad, you can test the effectiveness of your website and call-to-action. If things aren’t working, you can then make the necessary changes to improve. Google Text ads can provide quick answers to quick problems. If you want a fast solution, Google Text ads are a good route to go down.

Who Should Use Google Text Ads?

You Have a Small Budget

If your advertising budget is limited, Google Text ads are a great way to get things started. This is because they’re likely to drive direct conversions which can then be tracked. Once you’re using Google Text ads efficiently, you can extend your marketing into Display ads to boost your visibility.

You Struggle to Get Organic Traffic

Unfortunately, many small businesses find it hard to get organic traffic. As organic search results are based on comparative content, you’ll need to rank higher than your competitors to get found. When you’re competing against major businesses, showing at the top of the Search page is near enough impossible. Instead of focussing on comparative content, Google Text ads can bring customers directly to your site.

You Sell an Emergency Product/Service

Some of the best businesses for Google Text ads are specific or “emergency” businesses. If you’re an electrician, plumber, locksmith or service that people need quickly, you’ll almost certainly get results Google text ads.

You Want to Generate Quality Leads

If you want to generate quality leads, Google Text ads are the way to go. This type of advertising is great for converting customers who are showing interest in your product or service.

What are Display Ads?

Unlike Google Text ads, Display ads have nothing to do with searching on Google. While Google Display Network ads run within the Adwords interface, they work in a very different way to Text ads. The biggest difference between the two is that your ad won’t appear at the top of a Google search result. Instead, it will be displayed across different websites that your potential customers are browsing.

What are Their Strengths?

If you want your ad to be seen by customers without waiting for them to find you, Display ads are the way to go. They allow you to be more active in the first stage of the sales funnel, showing your product to people even if they’re not looking for it. While Text ads work for intent, Display ads work to grow your brand’s awareness. While Display ads commonly appear on websites, they can also pop up in banners, Gmail and on certain mobile apps. To make sure your ad reaches your target audience, Google provides several targeting options including managed placements and website groupings. If you choose to manage the placement, you can choose specific sites for your ad to appear on. If you go with the website groupings option, your ad will be shown based on audience characteristics.

Who Should Use Display Ads?

You Want to Raise Awareness of Your Brand

If you want to raise awareness of your brand, Display ads are your best bet. Unlike Text ads, they’re displayed to users who aren’t directly searching for your product. This allows you to introduce your brand to a load of new people.

You Want to Show Your Product

If your product is particularly eye-catching, Display ads may work well for you. Sometimes, people need to see an image of the product to click on it. In this case, a Display add may be just what you need to drive potential customers to your site.

You Have a Lengthy Sales Process

If you sell a product that customers aren’t likely to purchase immediately, you want your brand to stay on their mind. With a Display ad, you can keep potential customers familiar with your brand in the hope that they’ll make a purchase when they need it.

Which is Better?

Whether you’ll have more success with Google Text ads or Display ads depends on your brand. For best results, the two marketing strategies should be used together as a dynamic duo. However, if you’ve only got the budget for one at the moment, don’t panic! Now you know the difference between the two, you should be able to make an informed decision on which one to go with.