7 tips to Increase Site Traffic from Bing

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Bing, formerly known as Live Search, Windows Live Search and MSN search, is a web search engine that is owned by Microsoft. Like every other search engine, Bing also helps users to search and find things relevant to their interest on the web.

Bing is very popular for giving the best results for video search queries compared to other search engines. With the rise of video content marketing which is gaining more attention today, than ever before, smart brands can better position themselves on Bing with such content. This rise in attention is because because more millennials find such visual content more appealing. With the autocomplete suggestions on Bing (which works eight times better than other search engines) users can have better search query results that suggest relevant content in cases where users aren’t sure about what they are searching for on the web.

How then can brands leverage on this unique search engine to reach their target audience? If you would like to increase your own websites traffic from being then it would be a great idea for you to speak to a digital marketing agency for assistance. For now, let’s take a look at these 7 tips to increase your site traffic from Bing.

1. Work on the local SEO of the brand

Bing is very supportive of brands with a good reputation within the locale of the business. This is because users are always keen on location-specific search queries, especially when looking for specific services or products. The more defined the location of the business is, the more visibility Bing gives such brands. So, ensure that the location and address of the brand is clearly shown on the brand’s website. Make use of other local listings to boost the local SEO too. Try listing websites like Bing Places,, Yelp, Foursquare, City search, Aabaco and so on.

2. Give attention to keywords, meta tags, and titles

Bing search engine algorithm is a little less complicated as other stronger search engines, so this gives room for almost anyone with a basic understanding of SEO to thrive well on Bing. Three key things to look out for are keywords, meta tags, and the title of the content. For keywords, get creative with using keywords that can help push location-based traffic to the brand’s website.

Your goal is to use more location-based keywords in your content so the brand can get more traffic on the website. If the business is based in New Orleans for example, you can use keywords like “cheap phones in New Orleans” “buy cakes in New Orleans” “Buy cheap hair extensions in New Orleans”. Doing this will bring far greater results for the brand on Bing because you’re using both good location-based keywords that emphasis on proximity and Bing, as mentioned earlier, is keen on proximity (local SEO). Also, titles ensure that the right keywords, especially the ones you’re aiming to rank for, are in the title tag. In addition, don’t ignore inserting keywords that you want to the brand to rank for in the meta description area. This reallocation improves the website’s indexing on search engines.

3. Get good backlinks

Good backlinks are very important for driving really good traffic to a brand’s website through Bing. For Bing, both the quantity and quality of these backlinks are important for driving good traffic to the brand’s website.

Always look for authority websites to give you backlinks every month or every two months, at least fifteen to twenty new backlinks every month or every other month (depending on how frequent you want it). It is important to not over do it, otherwise, the website might be penalized for it.

4. Leverage the brand’s social media community

Social media is one place that brands should definitely invest their time in because of its numerous benefits. In addition to promoting your brand on your social media platforms, also promoting your content there too and share links.

Build a very engaging community of followers that will not only engage with the content but will also be will to share with their own smaller networks (especially if they find the content relevant enough. All of these can really make a huge difference in how well the website ranks on Bing.

5. Build a good online reputation

Building a good online reputation online is one sure way to get on the good side of Bing. This search engine has a thing for brands with good online reputation, as with any other search engine, because it makes it super easy to verify their credibility and rank them well on their search engines.

Encouraging the brand’s customers to leave a review on the website, social media pages (like a Facebook business page), and other online review sites will really help boost the online reputation of the brand and attract the search engine.

Setting up your business social media platforms would be a very smart move. You can leverage this to build a wider connection with your target audience on social media, so that anywhere they are, you are able to reach you them and get their attention.

6. Push out relevant and good content online

Pushing out content relevant to your target audience can really improve the quality of organic traffic that the brand gets through Bing. Even if you are doing everything we’ve mentioned earlier but your content is poor, the brand will still be struggling to get any reasonable traffic from the search engine.

Always think of your target audience when creating content. Ensure that you give exhaustive information on whatever topic you choose to write on so that it can help your target audience make better-informed decisions. Consider starting with frequently asked questions, if you are looking for topics to start blogging about.

7. Improve your internal links and have a site map

While it is good to invest in backlinks, it is also important to invest in internal links. This makes it easier for search engine web crawlers to crawl the website and index relevant pages fast. Also, make sure that the site map is also clean and void of dead links, to ensure that Bing web crawlers are able to navigate the website successfully.