10 reasons why digital marketing can help your business


Digital marketing is the cornerstone of the success of businesses in today’s online world. There are well over 3 billion internet users globally and each of these users is a potential customer for your company. The secrets of how to get the attention of your target audience are held by online digital marketing companies, who can drive traffic to your site, help lead them through the buying funnel and eventually convert them to sales.

If you want more reasons to engage digital marketing experts, here are 10 of the best to persuade you.

#1 Online digital marketing levels the playing field

The great news about online digital marketing is that the same opportunities are available to all businesses. Traditional marketing cost the earth and was prohibitive. Only those brands that were already established could afford the marketing that would drive awareness and trust. Digital marketing strategies are far more cost effective – and sometimes even free. This means that all sizes of companies have the opportunity of driving traffic to their website.

#2 Digital marketing is cost effective

It is worth repeating that some online digital marketing is free. Just look at the impact you could have on social media without spending a penny in adverts or banners. Even when you choose to engage in paid services it is often paid by results. This means that you are only going to have to pay if the results are clear on your website or on other people’s websites.

#3 Digital marketing encourages interaction with your target audience

The great thing about digital marketing is that it is interactive. This means you can build a much more intimate relationship with your audience and really get to know them. They can comment on your images and they can leave real-time reviews on your website. The power of digital marketing is to connect and to take advantage of trends that are happening in this moment.

#4 Digital marketing encourages action

Because of the immediate presence of your customer with your brand, it is possible to inspire immediate action. The customer can click on a button or share a link and in doing so engage with your brand. With skilled design by a digital marketer, your customer can be carefully guided through the buying funnel with a series of guided clicks. It also tends to encourage favourable action over any other. Although you are at risk of negative comments and trolls, a skilled digital marketer can make it essential that your consumer engages positively with your brand.

#5 It is the only way to access the Internet of Things

What is the Internet of Things you say? Well, it is an ecosystem of interconnected devices that interact through the internet. If you want to survive in business today, you need access to this interconnected grid. Great digital marketing can open the door to tour target audience on this online grid. The Internet of Things is seen as the biggest issue for all companies today and digital marketing is your access to this world.

#6 Increase brand awareness with digital marketing

Brand awareness and trust in your brand are also crucial to your success. The good news is that digital marketing gives you equal opportunity to get your brand known and inspire the trust needed to drive conversions. With the opportunity to gain testimonials from customers and reviews from affiliates, you can persuade consumers that your product is safe to purchase. What is more, with a strong social media presence and strong online community, you can inspire customer loyalty. This means that one off purchases turn into repeat customers and a chance at lifelong support. There is nothing more valuable to a company that a customer that keeps coming back!

#7 Your mobile customer is becoming increasingly important

Most of your customers are now mobile. Your bricks and mortar stores can sometimes feel like a library, with the actual purchase made on a smart phone or tablet. This makes digital marketing more important than any other, as your customer will need to find you easily online to seal the deal. If there are buffering delays or far too many clicks to purchase, you could lose the sale.

#8 Digital marketing delivers conversions

By increasing your visibility, by driving traffic to your site, by guiding your customer through your buying funnel, your digital marketing is a way of delivering conversions. Great SEO services can push you up the rankings and social media can keep you in the mind of your user. All of this is a means of making money for your company.

#9 Increase your revenue with online digital marketing

Reduction in the importance of bricks and mortar stores and ease of positive access to your company, means that digital marketing is a means of increasing revenue. You don’t have to invest in expensive buildings and fixtures if your online store is firing on all cylinders. This makes you money on many levels.

#10 Online digital marketing offers better ROI

When you set a budget for marketing it can seem endless and pointless. A thirty second clip on TV and Radio gets you a moment of visibility for a lot of money. However, online ads, social media, a well optimised website and affiliates can give you a lot of visibility for a small amount of investment. The good news about a large proportion of digital marketing is that it costs only when it provides results. This means that your digital marketing provides the best return on investment – earning you far more than you pay out!